The Zombielocke Logo (Created by user "Realhiphopmaniac")

The Zombielocke is a rule-based variant inspired by the zombie genre. It is created by RealHipHopManiac.


The Zombielocke's origin can be traced back to two children on YouTube with the username of alphapanda02. The variant was deemed terrible even with a massive amount of re-edits. As the variant was either not possible to utilize in the meta-game or clashes with the original Nuzlocke Rules.

User "Realhiphopmaniac" adopted the name, creating his own nuzlocke variant.

The Rules

In a Zombielocke normal Nuzlocke rules are applied but with minor twists.


  1. You must catch or obtain only the first eligible obtainable Pokémon you encounter in any route or area. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.
  2. "Dupes Clause" is recommended, to add to the uniqueness of each Pokémon. This means you do not count any encounter against any Pokémon whose species you have already caught, which is usually determined by the Poké Ball symbol by their HP bar.


  1. When a pokemon faints, a revive/max revive can be used to turn the fainted pokemon into a "Zombiemon"
    • A Zombiemon is a fainted pokemon that if gets KO'ed again, dies for good.
    • A Zombiemon cannot be healed by normal procedures, other healthy pokemon must be "sacrificed" to the respective Zombiemon in order to fully heal it.
  2. When a healthy pokemon is "sacrificed", it is considered dead and has to be released or boxed permanently.
  3. Ghost types cannot become Zombiemons.
  4. Zombiemons cannot have recovery moves.
  5. Zombiemons cannot be boxed unless it's dead. Like, dead dead
  6. Zombiemons cannot hold items.
  7. Zombiemons' abilities shall be changed to either Poison Point or Poison Touch by cheats or other means if possible.
  8. Alternatively, the Zombiemon's ability can simply be changed to Klutz.