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Year X Edit

Year X
by wildCorvus
Began July 11, 2014
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 10 pages
Finished  ?
Game information
Game Pokémon X
Region Kalos
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media digital
Coloring Fully colored
Protagonist Zack
Story details
Genre {{{genre}}}
Plot {{{plot}}}
Pokemon {{{pokespeech}}}
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Nuzlocke Rules

1. Catch only the first Pokemon on every Route

2. Nickname all Pokemon

3. The Snorlax on Route 7 doesn´t count as a Pokemon you´re not allowed to catch it (Because you wouldn´t even have the chance to catch anything else on this Route)

4. If a Pokemon faint it´s considered as death and you can´t use it anymore






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