The cover of YTWC's Nuzlocke comic.

YTWC's Nuzlocke
by YamashitaTheWildCat
Began May 20, 2011
Status completed
# Chapters/Updates 60 pages + 10 extras
Finished December 17, 2013
Game information
Game SoulSilver
Region Johto, Kanto
Chosen starter's type fire
Comic description
Media watercolour
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre drama, comedy
Plot loosely game-based
Pokemon protag understands
Nuzlocke Forum

YTWC's Nuzlocke is a hand-drawn comic depicting a Soul Silver Nuzlocke run as played and illustrated by a Finnish artist YamashitaTheWildCat. The main character called YTWC (based on the author's initials but not a self-insert) travels through Johto trying to become the Champion and clear his trauma-caused fear of fire. The first page was uploaded on May 20th, 2011, and the epilogue was uploaded on December 17th, 2013.

The RulesEdit

YTWC's run is bound only by the standard Nuzlocke rules.

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies and can be used no more.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured.


If you're looking for a hand-drawn and fully-colored Nuzlocke comic that covers two regions worth of gameplay, YTWC's Nuzlocke is something for you. The story is interesting and the starter Pokemon might be one of the most unique ones - not only is it a Cyndaquil with a trainer who's afraid of fire, it's also blind, making the battles harder and the strategies more thought out. With as much as three unknown groups monitoring YTWC's actions from the shadows, the story never fails to grab the reader's interest.


  • In the realm of YTWC's Nuzlocke people can't understand Pokemon. However, YTWC seems to gain such an ability later for reasons yet unknown.


YTWC's Nuzlocke is available on YamashitaTheWildCat's deviantArt and in its Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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