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Wonderwall: A Yellow Storylocke is an ongoing literature run of Pokemon Yellow, set in a 1990's-esque Kanto. The run follows Casey, a Pikachu, who reluctantly becomes a Starter Pokemon to True Fargone under the condition that, once she assembles a team that will keep her safe, he will be returned to his position as a lab assitant/therapy Pokemon in Pallet Town. As the run progresses, True and Casey are both forced to confront elements from their pasts that they have tried to ignore.


  • If a Pokemon faints, release it.
  • Nickname every Pokemon you encounter.
  • Catch the first Pokemon you see in an area, including dupes. Each area of the Safari Zone counts as separate areas.
  • No Legendaries, even if first encounter.
  • All items are permissible, even during gym/rival battles.
  • If Casey dies, it's GAME OVER.


  • The actual in-game playthrough was started and finished between March and April 2013.
  • Wonderwall was highlighted as a Featured Fan Run on June 28th, 2013.


Wonderwall can be read in its original form on its Nuzlocke forum thread, or in its current edited form on Archive of Our Own. Washi also manages a Wonderwall Tumblr that is used to announce updates, feature extra art, and answer a continual Q&A. 

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