Red as he currently appears in Wolffang's LeafGreen Run

Wolffang (also known by his username "Wolffang7789") is a British amateur artist and the artist of one Nuzlocke run, simply named "Wolffang's LeafGreen Nuzlocke run".

LeafGreen Nuzlocke RunEdit

Wolffang is currently illustrating his first nuzlocke run, set in kanto where the young teenager "Red" travels around the region with his pokemon team for personal reasons. He has encountered the mysterious Team Rocket but is currently unaware of the true scope of their plans. The latest update describes Red's arrival to Cerulean and the addition of "Bella", a valuable teammate for the upcoming gym.


Red's current team consists of:

  • Chaz the Charmeleon,
  • Peter the Pidgey,
  • Butters the Butterfree,
  • Bella the Bellsprout,

His fallen teammates are:

  • Matsie the Rattata
  • Zak the Zubat

Other RunsEdit

Wolffang has planned to have five arcs for Red's story, starting with LeafGreen (unspecified ending), and then HeartGold (currently playing), Emerald, Pearl and White/White 2.

Comic LinksEdit


  • The character of Red is based on a younger version of the artist, Wolffang

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