WN-SJ cover

Our favorite idiots, right at the beginning of their journey.

White Nuzlocke - Sen's Journey (WN-SJ for short) is a White Nuzlocke made by AoiSora19S. It started on Earth Day 2011 (4/22) and was officially published 3 days later. It's mostly a random Nuzlocke with a great deal of controversial stuff like brutal violence, sexual content, references of pokephilia, 4th wall breaking, and YGOTAS references.

The first 19 chapters were made digitally with just MS Paint and a Mouse, but it switched to a traditional format starting with #20-21. the 1st half was the original idea before it switched to the format used for its 2nd half. This resumed until the middle of the Q&A.

Due to scanner issues, it went on hiatus for quite some time (about 6 months, i think) but it resumed in a newer format with pictures. the starting pages for this format (as well as a hidden extra) were mostly unclear and awkward. blurry, even. but by #27, the pics became larger and much more clearer (for the most part). this kept going til the end.

There are random dA journal entries relating to this. A couple actually have stuff to do with the "plot". The rest is random crap with cameos of other characters there.

As of 9/4/13, the series has officially been completed.

The RulesEdit

Your typical Nuzlocke rules

  1. Catch the 1st Pokemon you encounter in each Route/Cave/whatever. If you fail to catch it, too bad!
  2. If your Pokemon faints, consider it dead and release it (or just permanently box it)
  3. Nickname everyone.

Extra rules

  1. With the obvious exception of the game mascot, no legendaries!
  2. Shaking Grass counts separately
  3. Gift Pokes are accepted
  4. A "resurrection" option can be used, but this can only happen once. Once you do it, that's it. If that same poke dies again, then sucks to be you~
  5. Dupes Clause
  6. No Potions
  7. No Master Balls (or Quick Balls, for that matter)
  8. Catch Patrat when you see it! Who the hell cares if it's ugly and unlovable?!


Basically, a very perverted, very tall (5'11") 16 year old boy with green hair named Sen starts his journey around Unova with a female Tepig with miserable self-esteem named Freya. They make friends and kick ass. There's really not much else to it ... or is there?


  • There are several running gags throughout the Nuzlocke ...
    • There are constant references to Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Examples include ...
      • Kemo (A.K.A. the hair guy). He is the most referenced with quick references in the beginning and later on, Alder officially taking the place as "the hair guy" for his outrageous hair.
      • Striaton City is pretty much the Brooklyn of Unova
      • "Screw the rules, I have money". This is also included in this. 3 times. But in its own ridiculous variation
    • There's a gag involving Sen's penis expanding and stretching with enough force to destroy anything in its path. It's (cleverly) called "KA-BONER"
      • His city destroying boners have landed him with a shitload of money problems and mostly unjustified hatred.
    • Whenever someone mentions the "idiot artist", the artist himself randomly appears and says something random.
    • the hat of D.J. the Scraggy changes in each page he is shown in.
    • There are 2 Easter eggs in "ReshiraN" and (more commonly seen,) a foreign girl with spring green hair and a long, rectangular nose. This girl, Greta-Ingrid, is often randomly seen in the background. Especially in later pages. She's pretty easy to find, actually.
  • This is the 3rd Nuzlocke that the blue haired idiot has done, as well as the 3rd out of (currently) 10 that are documented. However, this is his main one and most focused one since it has gone so far
    • There was a planned sequel with White 2, but the idea was scrapped due to a loss of motivation.
  • While the format was still digital, the picture of Sen on the title got a piece colored with each new chapter.
    • There were also random quotes, but they moved to the comment section since the title would be too troublesome to copy on the traditional format.
  • Boxed Pokes also get some focus. Mostly during the "Seven Days Of Hell" arc and in the artists comments once the format switched to traditional.
  • Sen is taller than all of his Pokemon, dead and alive. The only 2 exceptions are Kelsey and Titi
  • A cover page hadn't been made for nearly 2 years. There were some attempts, but they were scrapped in the end since they sucked hairy balls.
  • The blue haired idiot is also the creator of the infamous face used for Peanut's Wanted Poster
  • Freya is cute
  • Chobin is awesome


AoiSora has dA galleries both for the series itself and for stuff relating to the series, as well as a journal.

WN-SJ can also be found on the Nuzlocke forums.

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