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White: Hard Mode
written by Nuzlocke
illustrated by Nuzlocke
Began 4/15/12
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 9 episodes + prologue
Coloring full color
Genre Pokemon
Episode 7.9

White: Hard Mode is the third arc in the Pokemon Hard Mode storyline, after Ruby: Hard Mode and its first sequel Fire Red: Hard Mode.

The RulesEdit

Of course, the classic Hard Mode rules apply:

  1. You may only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore
  2. If one of your Pokemon faints, you must release it... is dead.


After defeating Mewtwo, an explosion of psychic energy sends Ruby three years into the future to Unova.


  • Ruby only picked Luke the Oshawott as his starter because Nuzlocke thought it would be funny to force his protag to pick his least favorite of the Unova starters. (It also completes the Grass-Fire-Water triad for Ruby's starters.)
  • This is the first blatant breaking of the fourth wall in Pokemon: Hard Mode, (not counting the very first intro panel of Ruby: Hard Mode,) as Nuzlocke pictures himself and his girlfriend playing White and ultimately picking the Oshawott while Ruby is insulting the water-type.
  • Ruby did not want to compete in the Unova league, but was goaded into it by the "superfriends" Cheren and Bianca. Their "friendship" causes the suicide of in-game protagonist Hilbert, who hangs himself in his closet.
  • This is the first time in all 3 comics where Ruby catches a legendary. He catches Victini after throwing many pokeballs, causing Victini to give up and let Ruby catch him.


White: Hard Mode is available on the main Nuzlocke site at (and also has an archive).

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