The Wegglocke is a combination of the Egglocke and Wedlocke, where the eggs that are hatched must correspond to a wedlocke's rules. It started as the Breedlocke and was invented by "Master Mewtwo"; it became the Wegglocke when played by Pokétubers like "SuperSalamence93".

Primary Locke Rules Edit

1. Catch the first Pokemon encountered in any given area.

2. If the Pokemon faints, it's dead and either released or placed in the corresponding "Graveyard" box.

3. All Pokemon captured (hatched, in this case) must be nicknamed.

Egglocke Special Rules Edit

4. For each Pokemon caught (including starter), an egg is taken from the box and hatched in its place.

5. Rare candies are used to level the hatched Pokemon up to match the level of the token Pokemon.

6. Gifted Pokemon and Fossils count as special captures and are exempt from Nuzlocke capture rules; they must still be cycled out for an egg.

Wedlocke Special Rules Edit

7. Each Pokemon caught must either be male or female and matched with a Pokemon of the opposite gender.

8. If a caught Pokemon is the same gender as a previous capture, it will be boxed until a Pokemon of the opposite gender is captured.

Special Clauses Enacted Edit

Also, this isn't a clause, but I hope whoever reads this has a great Christmas!

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