Virus Archive: Sinnoh Leauge
by Northern-Projection
Began June 3rd 2013
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 3 pages
Game information
Game Pokemon Platinum
Region Sinnoh
Chosen starter's type Water Type - Piplup
Comic description
Media Mixed Media
Coloring Traditional Coloring
Protagonist original Protagonist
Story details
Genre Comedy Action
Plot original plot
Pokemon Protagonist can understand her pokemon, this is an ability given to a majority of people, some people are unable to speak to them.
Nuzlocke Forum

A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Comic was created by Northern-Projection and published on DeviantArt.


The RulesEdit

  • Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be released/stored in a "Graveyard" box.
  • Nickname each Pokemon received.
  • Catch the first Pokemon you see in each area.
  • Gift Pokemon in any given town/route is considered a first catch and you cannot receive a Pokemon from that town/route again (excluding eggs). [Example: At the Game Corner you would only be allowed to buy one Pokemon there and never again.]
  • No Legendary Captures.


Pokemon Trainers are known to be reckless and dangerous in this time due to a virus that was spread, endangering Pokemon and causing them to become rampant. Now very few people take the league challenge let alone children, but there is a secret being held at the end of the journey only to be shared to the Champion. And our protagonist sets out on a journey she was not supposed to take in the first place.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Taylor
  • Professor Lucas

Side CharactersEdit

  • Taylor's Brother (???)


  • >The first two introduced pokemon were not named by the artist, she was livestreaming the beginning of the game and someone suggested both the names for the Piplup and the Starly.


its first page and Northern-Projection gallery on Deviantart

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