The Turtlelocke Challange was created by the YouTuber turtlemanrobot5 turtlemanrobot5 for Pokemon Moon. The rules are as follows:

No Items except left overs, oran berries, etc for battle.

No legendaries execpt Lunala but I would need to get 500 views and/or likes.

The rule above for the legendary only applies to turtlemanrobot5 turtlemanrobot5 you can change the rule the way you like it.

You have to buy 1 random item in every pokemart that is not a pokeball or potion or revive and you have to keep it and you can't use it in battle.

Level Caps 25 first island 35 second island 40 third island 45 fourth island.

No Exp Share.

You have to capture 1 pokemon per area only.

You can't buy any Pokeballs.

You have to nickname all your pokemon anime character names.

You can only capture 1 pokemon per alphabet letter i.g.

You can't capture 2 pokemon that both begin with the letter A.

If a pokemon faints store it in your Pc.


Run out of money.

All your Pokemon faint.

Run out of Pokeballs.

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