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Trainers Black Nuzlocke was written by Cinamonskyguy, an artist from deviantart. The first episode was released on May 23rd 2012 and the series is still ongoing having finished the first story arc.

What is notable about this Nuzlocke is that it is done as a slide comic with Macromedia 8. It is written out like a book.

Characters: humans

Trainer: The main protagonist of this story. He sports long, wild ginger hair. He has bright green eyes. He hails from the region of Hoenn. He travelled to Unova in search of his fathers whose Identity is so far unknown. Trainer also has a scar on the right side of his ribs. How he got the scar is unknown. In Unova he lived with long time friend, Cheren Cooper. Now that his journey has begun tensions between him and Cheren are clearly evident.

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