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The TiedLocke is a mix of monotype rules, the WedLocke rules with my custom spin on the them. Created by Pokemonsoulfreak211.

Inspired Edit

Inspired by the Monotype rules but It's something I wanted to put together for my Platinum LP.

The Rules! Edit

·      A pokemon may be Tied or Linked to you at ALL times. A tied pokemon must be sent out first, cannot be boxed and has priority healing (If it is damaged, no other pokemon may be healed.) When a pokemon is tied, it MUST defeat at least one Pokemon in the fight. Your Starter is instantly tied to you. Changing your tied pokemon MUST occur after a Gym Fight.

·       You can have two types attached to your character which means you can catch two types of Pokémon or one. Sub-types are allowed.

·       You can only catch the first Pokémon in the area that follows your type rules.

·        When a pokemon is linked, after a major fight (Does not include Gym fights. Rival battles and boss battles do count. Boss battles as in Rocket executives and such) your linked pokemon gets a Shadow Fever. When this happens, if it dies in a fight the pokemon in the next slot is “Blacked out”. Only way to heal this is to reach the next town and have it sit in the pc for ten battles. During this time, you cannot link another pokemon.

·       “Dupes Clause “is recommended.

·        Pokemon must be nicknamed.

Optional Rules Edit

·        Healing Limitations: Each Healing point can only be used ONCE; a set amount of healing items can be used in battle.

·      Purchase Limitations: Each Store can be visited once with a set amount of money can be used.

·       Battle Style SET: No time to switch Pokemon.

·       A black out is considered a fail: Even with Pokemon in the PC.

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