This page is a reference for anyone who wishes to help the wiki take shape. Anyone can add the mention of a page they think should be created. Then, when you or someone else create the page, that person will delete the entry here. 

Waiting List of Nuzlocke RunsEdit

Run's name Link to the comic Short description (optional)
Death's Nuzlocke dA, forums A documentation of Shini's "James" adventures through Johto! At first this comic wasn't meant to be serious at all- as you can probably tell by the first few pages- but was later given meaning
Earl-GreyXX's PGNC dA Full name is "Pokemon Gijinka Nuzlocke Challenge" but could be confused by the common name this one is very special - A gijinka Nuzlocke that prevails! Not only are the characters well designed, but also well-developed. It's half humorous, half action-heavy and in between, there's hints of plot and worldbuilding that wait to come out. Very dynamic characters, just like the story!
Feliks' Adventures: Infinite Lameness SJ Feliks is a trainer that is scared of pokemon and is very nervous. embarcs for entertaining journey
Game of Chance dA, forums By Nonparael, a well-known Nuzlocke artist. A Nuzlocke with an amazingly difficult ruleset and interesting situations, great characters and a very perculiar sense of humour.

The comic is imaginative, and the art only complements this feature.

Reign dA, forums Full name is "Reign: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke" with immediate drama, immediate mystery, there's a lot of suspense and action from the start. A Pokemon universe that not only uses guns, but is ruled by Team Plasma at the moment, playing after the main storyline. The characters have been newly interpreted and have been given a unique twist, amounting to a lot of interesting questions and an AMAZING art.
Royal Unova dA, forums Full name is "Royal Unova: A Black Storylocke" but I don't think many people call it that, so the page title should be simple. Medieval setting, N is a girl.
Scrambled Eggs forums Full name is "Scrambled Eggs: A Black Version Random Egg-Locke." Written run, one of the first egglockes on the forums. Only Pokemon used are traded from eggs.
Tala's Nuzlocke Adventure dA A good SoulSilver Nuzlocke simply entertaining
tales of mistree adn danger w/nuzpad forums Screenshot nuzlocke written by one of the moderators, a satire on everything related to Nuzlocke.
Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red SJ


A comic run done mostly, but not exclusively, in four-panel joke strips. Fully colored, increasing in quality and quite slow-paced. By eworm, the creator of this very wiki.
NyaChan's Sapphire Nuzlocke dA forums the last part of a multi-arc Nuzlocke Comic
Cross Out dA forums a pokemon x nuzlocke

Ressources and HelpEdit

Title of the page Reason of creation/Short description
Red/Blue tips Tips on the games themselves
Yellow tips
gold/Silver tips
Crystal tips
Emerald tips
FireRed/LeafGreen tips
Diamond/Pearl tips
Platinum tips
Black/White tips
Black 2/White 2 tips
List of programs and techniques Drawing techniques and tips from the pros
How to create a page beacuse someone deleted the existing page without reason
How to create a multi-run page a paper for multi-run pages



Title of page Reason of creation/Short description
All Nuzlocke Run pages Add uniformity to each page for efficiency and convenience
All Nuzlocke Run pages Create associated redirect pages for caplitalization issues and common typos

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