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The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge is a pseudo-comic written by Nuzlocke Forumn user Nate(who sometimes goes by N8). It is a comedic run primarily comprised of stock photos edited in Microsoft Paint, occasionally featuring moving .gif updates, and videos. In 2012, the Nuzlocke Forums voted this run the Best Misc. Run in the New Years Fan Challenge Runs Extravaganza.  It is completed, and has a sequel.  The series page can be found here.

Rules for the RunEdit

1. Only one Pokemon may be may be acquired from an area. "Area" is determined by the "met at" in the status screen, or "egg received from". Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area may be caught.

  • This only applies once Poke-Balls are attainable in-game.

2. Fainting results in being permaboxed in the "RIP" box. All Pokemon in this box will be released upon completion of the Nuzlocke.

3. Shiny Clause:

  • If the shiny Pokemon encountered is my first encounter in that area, all above rules apply, with one alteration: if fainting occurs to a shiny teammate, it will be migrated up to Gen. IV upon completion of the Nuzlocke.
  • If the shiny Pokemon encountered is not my first encounter in that area, the Nulocke is temporarily suspended. Any Pokemon fainting in this battle will not be affected by rule 2. This shiny will be placed in the box, and not be used for the remainder of the Nuzlocke.

Rules for the "Comic"Edit

1. All major characters and Pokemon must be images taken from iStockphoto.

2. Editing in MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker only.

3. No taking images from anywhere else.


  • The protagonist of the comic, Nate, could be considered a self-insert; he is a personification of the Author's attitudes, feelings, and reactions as he played the in-game run.
  • The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge was the author's first Nuzlocke, and was originally unrecorded, as the author never planned on doccumenting the run. He later wrote down what he remembered about the run, and based the "comic" off of what he remembered. 


The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge can be read on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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