Yellow nuzlocke cover by nintendopie-d5daqc8

Cover of "The Yellow Chapter"

The Yellow Chapter is a Nuzlocke challenge created by NintendoPie, an artist from This is a comic series that was created to simply entertain people the best way the artist knew how.


The Yellow Chapter was first posted August 5th, 2011. Still at the beginning stage of this comic, the series takes place in the Kanto Region. Based off of the game, Pokemon Yellow. So far, the main antagonist is known as Hiroyuki "Red" Asakura, with his semi-trusty starter, Pika.

The journey starts out with Red on the computer mentioning the ignorance of poeple on the internet. His mother tells him to go to bed, stating he has a big day ahead of him the next day. Red decided to be stubborn, and stayed up late on the computer, thus waking up late the next morning. He immediately got dressed and left the house. Making his way through Pallet Town, he arrived at Professor Oak's lab where he was introduced to his Starter Pokemon, Pikachu, which he nicknamed Pika. Pika didn't really take a liking to Red right away, but Red immediately took a liking to Pika even before it was released out of his Poke Ball. Renji "Blue" Oak, another protagonist from The Yellow Chapter, recieved an Eevee from his grandfather, and as he proceeded to leave the lab, Red called out to him for a Battle. Red won the battle due to Pika's rebelious attitude. Red is currently in Cerulean City battling with Cerulean City's gym leader, Misty, another protagonist in the series. Not much plot has been revealed in the comic yet.

Unlike most Nuzlocke comics, The Yellow Chapter's story is thought up as it goes. NintendoPie did not play the game. He only created the comic as a way to entertain people.


1. Capture the first Pokemon you see on each route.

2. Nickname all Pokemon.

3. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed or released.


Red and pika by nintendopie-d5r7lw3

Picture of Red and Pika

Red and Pika

The main characters of The Yellow Chapter. Red and Pika's relationship is a bit strange, but these two can make a pretty good team some times.



the yellow chapter it can be found published on NintendoPie's dA gallery

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