The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition is an on-going webcomic centering on the adventures of thirteen year old Tyton has he tries to gather all eight badges and complete the Pokemon League within a year. It began February 1st, 2012 on Smackjeeves with daily updates between every post-chapter hiatus.

The Tyton Nuzlocke Comic: Emerald Edition
by Haunshaul
Began February 1st, 2012
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates --
Finished --
Game information
Game Emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Water
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Greyscale
Protagonist Game Designed
Story details
Genre Comedy/Drama
Plot Game with some differences
Pokemon Yes
Nuzlocke Forum

The Rules Edit

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead. 
  2. The first Pokemon in an area must be caught or the route is dead. Three chance repeat clause and special encounters are exceptions. 
  3. Nicknames required
  4. No trades or eggs
  5. No holding back evolutions
  6. No hold items
  7. One TM per Pokemon
  8. No move tutors
  9. No repels
  10. No rare candies
  11. No vitamins
  12. No re-battling trainers

About Edit

This story takes place in a world following the popularity of Ash Ketchum's documentary series. Many children, in their attempts to emulate him, began their own journeys. The Pokemon population was devastated, leading to government research and intervention. Numerous restrictions were put into place, eventually ending in the closing of all Pokemon Resurrection Stations, making all Pokemon deaths permanent. 

Eight years later, Tyton wakes up to get his first Pokemon. On his way to the lab, he finds Professor Birch being attacked and uses one of the Pokemon to rescue him. Following the wild Poochyena's defeat, Birch tells him that the Pokemon Adminstration has limited the number of Pokedexes he can give out. In order to let Tyton become a trainer, Birch offers to give him one of his personal Pokedexes, which expire in one year. If Tyton wants to be a trainer this year, he will need to challenge the league before the Pokedex expires. After talking it over with his new Mudkip, Haunshaul, the two of them set out on their journey. 

Characters Edit


Tyton - The protagonist. Often the "straight-man" to many of his team's antics. 

Haunshaul - Tyton's starter and the team leader. He is intelligent, rational, and somewhat similar to Tyton. 

Gerald - A charismatic, Latin-influenced Lotad/Lombre with cool shades. 

Rorschach - An adorably silly, if not naive, Dustox. His childish demeanor causes some annoyance to other members of the team, often serving as comic relief. Ashlyn is one of the few team members who will play with him. 

DJ - An assertive, often outspoken Whismur who joined the team in Rusturf Tunnel. She is the seventh member of the team due to a bug in the PC system, making her unable to battle or risk alerting the Pokemon Administration. This has made her bitter, to say the least. 

Marston - A no-nonsense, Fedora wearing Numel who doesn't suffer fools. Has an unknown connection with Ashlyn. 

Ashlyn - An anxious, shy Torkoal with low self confidence. Tyton has a soft spot for her and she is old friends with Marston, though for unknown reasons. 

Chester - A confident, chill Oddish/Gloom full of swag who died while training in Meteor Falls, slain in unclear circumstances by Vincent.  

Vincent - A quiet, possibly mute, Solrock who murdered Chester in unclear circumstances. Not much else is known about him, given that Vincent has not done much yet. 

Blu - A sweet Marill who stole Gerald's heart before being killed by a Zigzagoon, being the first death of the run. Tyton continues traveling so that her death is not in vain. 

Jasmine - A down-to-earth Nincada who loves her orchard of berry trees, communicating this with numerous berry metaphors. She will killed protecting Erin from a trainer's Machop in Dewford Gym. 

Erin - A soft Poochyena who feared battling. Despite this, she tried being brave for her team, eventually dying at the hands of the same Machop who killed Jasmine. 

Hamlet - A polite, gentlemanly Gulpin who was slain on Cycling Road by a Biker's Magnemite. 

Sakura - A Magikarp caught in Dewford who Tyton immeditately boxed. She apparently sounds like the Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. 

Yaga - A Zubat with a vast understanding of chat-speak caught in Granite Cave. Currently she's in the Daycare. 

Gordon - A mellow Spinda who's vocal mannerisms and love of snacks seem to vaguely resemble someone exposed to herbal substances. After Gordon caught himself by accident, he was swiftly boxed forever (probably). 

Kappa - An eccentric Lombre who met Tyton after jumping out of Gerald's reflection, shouting taunts and declaring himself "The Kappa". He was swiftly boxed. 

Tidbits Edit

  • The author's username is the same as his starter Pokemon. Despite this, Haunshaul the Marshtomp is not intended to be a self-insert, and was merely named after him because the name was too long to belong to the player. 

Available Edit

This comic can be viewed on Smackjeeves

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