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The Nuzlocke Games are a series of communitylockes based on the popular book series by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. The Third Nuzlocke Games, taking place in the summer of 2013, are hosted by TheProjectCore and co-run by the winners of the previous Games' champions, Geo and The One and Only.

This communitylocke continues the plot of the 1st Annual Nuzlocke Games and the 2nd Annual Nuzlocke Games.


For the full set of rules, please read the first post.

About the GamesEdit

The Nuzlocke Games 3 Official Trailer03:16

The Nuzlocke Games 3 Official Trailer

Official trailer to the Third Nuzlocke Games.

Eighteen nuzlockers are randomly selected from a pool of volunteers to nuzlocke through a randomized Pokemon game. At certain points throughout the game, two tributes will battle on an online simulator with the teams they have raised. Winning earns valuable rewards, while losing can result in penalties or elimination. The Games continue in this manner until only one tribute remains, who is declared winner.

Much like The Hunger Games, viewers are encouraged to get involved as sponsors. Sponsors participate by sending gifts to their favourite tributes and betting on winners to earn more credits.


Poké-Panem has been in a state of mass mayhem and unrest since the assassination of Dictator Core nine months ago, when the Revolutionists began acting against the Capitol. Core's will remains missing and a new leader cannot be appointed until it is found. Luke (The One and Only) opts to organize the Nuzlocke Games once again, despite the protests of Geo, in order to distract the citizens while the search for the will goes on.


The Nuzlocke Games 3 Reaping03:05

The Nuzlocke Games 3 Reaping

The tributes are revealed in the reaping.

Work in progress.


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