Cover for The Secret of the Nuzlocke Curse

The Secret of the Nuzlocke Curse, created by Cal Richmond-Bailey, AKA Calumrb22, is a Soul Silver comic-based nuzlocke run which follows the protagonist Soul, as he investigates clues about the origin of "The Nuzlocke Curse" that has infected the entire pokemon world. The comic first began publishing on February 25th, 2013.

The RulesEdit

The rules in this comic are as followed;

  • If a pokemon should lose all of its health, it must be placed into a "dead" box on the pc.
  • All pokemon must be nicknamed.
  • The first encounter on every route/town must be caught.
    • Duplicate Clause: If the first encountered pokemon is a dulicate, the player has another two chances to encounter an uncaptured pokemon, otherwise the route/town becomes a non-catch route/town.
    • The above includes evolved forms; example, should the player already have/had a pidgey, and they later encounter a pidgeotto, the pokemon is classed as a duplicate.
    • First encounters do not count until the player has completed the task set by Professor Elm, and received some pokeballs.
  • No legendaries. No master balls. No 'out of game' trades.
  • If all party pokemon lose their health, resulting in the player blacking/whiting out, the run gets "game over" status.


Ten years ago, "The Nuzlocke Curse" began in the pokemon world, causing pokemon to die in battle. The Curse shook the pokemon world, resulting in pokemon trainers everywhere; Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Johto, to stop battling each other. The gym leaders, The Elite Four and the champion, however, are obliged by the pokemon government to accept any and all challenges. Professors and researchers, in every area of study, began their research and tests into The Curse in a deperate hope to lift it.

Jump to the present day, Soul, an ex-trainer who used to go by the name of Ethan, is called upon to help investigate.


  • The Secret of the Nuzlocke Curse is set ten years into the future but still follows some of the original in-game story plots, with exception to where the artist feels the story needs changing to fit the rules of the nuzlocke.
  • This is Cal's first ever nuzlocke run.
  • All pokemon and humans can communicate with each other.
  • Soul is based off the in-game male protagonist, only ten years into his future where he is now twenty years old. The hat from in-game is also used as the colour scheme of Soul's clothing.
  • Unlike most nuzlockes, the protaganist (Soul), only borrows the starter pokemon, Tony the Totodile, in order to do Elm's task.
  • In this nuzlocke, there are at least two types of id cards. The first is the trainer card, which allows the person to own and catch pokemon, as well as take on the gym challenge. The second is the citizen card, to which Soul gets off Elm in chapter three, which acts as a general form of identification. Both also act as a bank card to hold money.
  • Logos, which are most commonly known from ash's hats in the anime or on characters in the games, are used on clothing within the comic.
  • The comic makes many references to the anime and, of course, the games.


The Secret of the Nuzlocke Curse is available on SmackJeeves and in calumrb22's dA gallery.

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