The Road Not Taken (Willingly)
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Summary Edit

This Nuzlocke challenge story details the adventures of Elize Leblanc, the daughter of Norman, who has recently moved to Littleroot town from Goldenrod city in Johto. She doesn't want to be a Trainer, but after having a Pokedex and a Torchic pretty much forced upon her, she reluctantly embarks on a journey to prove that she's not cut out for the Trainer lifestyle.

Rules Edit

  • No Dupes clause (applies to whole evolutionary line)
  • Fainted pokemon are permaboxed.
  • First pokemon encounter in an area must be captured

Characters Edit

Elize: Our protagonist. Not a very pleasant individual, but maybe that will change with time. A 15-year-old girl, originally from Goldenrod, who sets out on her journey in Hoenn with great reluctance and a bad attitude.

Hickory: Elize's starting pokemon, a Torchic. Way too hyper and enthusiastic for her tastes, along with being somewhat childish and naive. Not a negative bone in his body.

Abby: Elize's first capture, a wingull. Calm at all times, no matter what the situation.

Swagga T: A Lotad. Talks in Jive. Kind of weird.



This story is posted on here and is updated on a sporadic basis.

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