The Nuzlocke Duo is the title of a series of Nuzlocke comics and stories created by Dylan and Stinkies, two friends who decided to challenge themselves together and document their adventures.

The Nuzlocke Duo series incorporates slapstick humor, dramatic stories, and an overarching narrative to document of the misadventures of Dylan and Stinkies, two trainers with opposite personalities and styles whose paths cross unexpectedly.

Their adventures can be followed here on DeviantArt.


The run uses the two standard rules for most Nuzlocke adventures:

1.) A fainted Pokémon is dead forever
2.) Catch only the first wild Pokémon encountered in each area.

Additional details:

1.) Areas that are split up on the map can be counted as two different areas (a good example is Kalos Route 8, which is entirely two different areas for the same route)
2.) No revives allowed

  • Healing items are allowed

3.) No repeats: cannot capture a Pokémon belonging to the same evolutionary family as a previously captured Pokémon (including if the previous one fainted).
4.) If the first two Pokémon in a route are repeats, they can be ignored. If all three of the first encounters are repeats, that area is off-limits for a capture.
5.) Gift and Fossil Pokémon do not count as a capture in that area.
6.) Trades are acceptable, but only with the double Nuzlocke partner.
7.) White out/black out would be considered a game over.
8.) After completing the Elite Four and defeating the Champion, you must battle your double Nuzlocke partner to determine the "winner" of the run.

Total storyEdit


In the first run, Shiny Diamond and Flawless Pearl, Nuzlocke trainer Dylan parachutes out of the skies of the Sinnoh region and lands right into the life of Stinkies, a hard-working, intelligent book-smart assistant working alongside Professor Rowan. Dylan, an unlucky, instinctive and brash daredevil, seems to have a connection with the lake Pokémon Mesprit. Under the instruction of Professor Rowan, Stinkies is to follow and "babysit" Dylan to watch over him and figure out what the connection between he and Mesprit really is. A former Nuzlocke trainer herself, Stinkies is motivated by Dylan's excitement and journey to jump back into it, but must face and conquer her tragic past. Meanwhile, Dylan's own past is coming back to haunt him. The pair must learn to get along with each other and work together to conquer their own personal quests.

Comic runsEdit

individual runs MC game starter status notes
Shiny Diamond and Flawless Pearl Dylan Johnson
Stinkies Aronson
Diamond (Dylan)
Pearl (Stinkies)
Piplup (Dylan)
Chimchar (Stinkies)
X and Y: Chaos in Kalos Dylan Johnson
Stinkies Aronson
X (Dylan)
Y (Stinkies)
Chespin (Dylan)
Froakie (Stinkies)
run completed, comic in development


  • There are more Nuzlockes in development and planning stages, but the current two listed are the ones that are being written/drawn right now.

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