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The Nuzlocke Challenge is the most famous self-imposed ruleset for the games of the Pokémon franchise, which the players often document for others to enjoy. From brilliantly written stories to beautifully drawn comics, the Nuzlocke community is full of amazing tales and characters just waiting to be discovered. That's exactly what The Nuzlocke Challenge Wiki is here to help you with.

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What is a "Nuzlocke"?

  • A Nuzlocke run is a playthrough of a Pokemon game with two extra rules self-imposed by the player to make the game both more difficult and more engaging.
    • There are many extra rules and clauses that can be applied as well, in some cases forming cohesive new variants to the main Nuzlocke rules.
  • Many players will choose to document their playthroughs with these rules in some form, such as a comic, literature, screenshots, videos, or some other means.
  • The origin of this ruleset and the tendency to document it come from Nuzlocke's Pokemon Hard Mode comics.


  • The two largest Nuzlocking communities are the official Nuzlocke Forums and the Nuzlocke-Challenge deviantArt group.
  • We hope this Wiki becomes a place for people to browse many of the amazing runs that have been created already and to find all the basic resources they need to make their own runs and get engaged with other Nuzlocke fans!
• Helping Out •
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