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The Joker and The King is a Nuzlocke created by WhispersInTheBreeze on deviantArt.  The run has been finished and will uploaded about once ever 2 weeks as stated earlier, has a rather busy life.


  1. All Pokemon that faint, are called dead and must to released as soon as possible.
  2. Only one Pokemon per route but PinWheel forest has 2 regions, one outside of it and one inside.
  3. Duplicates are not allowed, and this goes for the whole evolution line.
  4. No revives or max revives allowed, as it is known as black magic in this world.
  5. All shinies must be caught.
  6. Only one gift Pokemon allowed, or traded Pokemon over from other games do count in this rule.
  7. (Only for the First Battle with Cheren) Use cards to decided what attacks to use, this is now a cancelled rule as Cheren had his Tepig burn the cards up.


The story follows the young teenage trainer named Nick, and his travels over Unova. With an unnamed father who left or was killed before on his trip, he has to sneak out of the house to receive his Pokemon from Juniper. As his mother doesn't want him to end up like his father. With small hints in the prologue it states the Father was a Champion or Gym Leader in Johto but it is not stated who it is. It seems most likely that is Lance or Morty. As he is known to were a cape or scarf. The main character has light brown hair with dark black bangs, so it seems to be Morty but the author has not confirmed this. Nick is not based on the writer as Whispers is female, but has a lot of her traits as the annoyingness and stubbornness. But as the next part has not been posted on DA but only in Scraps it has not been seen. She warns though that it will take a dark turn in the second chapter. Nick is a young teen of 15 years old, with Bianca being 16, and Cheren being 14. In this version on the Pokemon world, you go off when you are 13 or 14. Depending on the parents of the new trainer.Nick's Mother and Bianca's parents were against the idea of being a trainer they waited till they were at an older age... even though it also may be that Nick only arrived in Unova 1 years ago as he was in Johto before with his mother.



He is the main protagonist of this Nuzlocke challenge; he is outgoing, brave, stubborn, perverted, rash, intelligent, curious, and aggressive at times. He was born in Blackthorn City in Johto and moved to Unova about a year ago. He moved here with his mother and it is unknown who his father is but it is most likely that is Lance or Morty. Nick doesn't know for sure, as his mother did not tell him. He has a strange luck about him and has found two shinies in his journey. He likes to use sweepers in battles, as stated why he took Snivy. He is very rash though and will often act before he thinks. 

Other Trainers/CharactersEdit

Cheren- One of Nick's old friends, he now will do anything to try to beat Nick feeling that the Johto native is better than him. It is unknown why he holds this grudge.

Bianca- Another of Nick's friends he made easily, she is ditzy and kind and thinks that women are simply worse than men. Nick tries to help her change these ideals over their trips.

N- The king of Team Plasma Nick met in his journey, Nick's simply thinks that he is a creeper and doesn't like talking to him. After a while the two soon seem how similar they are, but Nick still thinks this long haired green girl  dude is gay.

Nick's PokemonEdit

Jeremiah- Snivy- Male *Died*

Jeremiah is a very stubborn and will sometimes not listen to comands until a horrid insident in the 2nd Gym. He becomes blind in his left eye from that and when Nick saved his life by sending out another of his pokemon, he became truly loyal. He sometimes doubts Nick's actions but goes along with them. He is the most intelligent out of the team and loves pulling pranks on his oppenents in battle instead of going for the kill. He deeply cares for Scout and doesn't want anything to happen to her.

Scout- Patrat - Female *Died*

Scout is almost the oppisite of Jeremiah. She has a thick Irish accent and will often snap at Nick for being a pervert as he will often focus on *Cough* other things that your face. She has a small crush on Jeremiah, similar to how Riza does on Roy in FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist /Brotherhood). She doesn't like flirting and finds it a waste of time and would rather practice her battling skills. She doesn't have buck teeth like most of her species and that is why she was tossed out of the den and walking the route when Nick found her. Scout won't talk about her past to anyone.


  • Nick's name was chosen after a friend of the author as they both share a personality.
  • Jeremiah his starter which is a Snivy, was named after Jeremiah Gottwald from Code Geass as they both has a very stuck up attitude at first but are very loyal to their team mates and friends..
  • The idea for a Nuzlocke was inspired by the youtuber Haydunn and Marriland.
  • It was revealed in the Second Chapter of TJATK that Lance is Nick's father.
  • It was revealed that Nick lost during his first Gym Battle and is heading towards the Johto or Hoenn Region.


The Nuzlocke is currently only available in novel mode on WhispersInTheBreeze's deviantArt page, but the next few chapters will be posted in a day or two depending on schoolwork and laziness. The comic will be started in  late May or Early June after the full story is posted.

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