The Crimson Virus - Cover Page

The cover page of the comic.

The Crimson Virus
by UltraNOVA
Began February 18, 2012
Status On-going
# Chapters/Updates 89+
Finished N/A
Game information
Game Emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Mudkip
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Starts monochromatic, switches to color
Protagonist Starts as game based, switches to original design
Story details
Genre Humor with dramatic elements
Plot Game-based with original plot points
Pokemon Bob (Swampert) Kathy (Mightyena) Randy (Crobat) Aroma (Gloom) Bruce (Machoke) Pearl (Spoink)
Nuzlocke Forum

This is the on-going Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke comic created by UltraNOVA. The story follows a teen named Jim on his quest to defeat the Hoenn League and discover a cure for a terrible curse that has been placed upon him and his team. The comic started on February 18, 2012.

The RulesEdit

  1. Pokemon that are KO'd are considered dead and must be permanently placed in a box or released. If all your Pokemon in your party die (aka you whiteout) you lose.
  2. You are only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you find in each route. If you kill it or run away, you are not allowed to catch anymore Pokemon in that route. This includes fishing
    • Shiny Pokemon are exempted from this rule
  3.  You must nickname every Pokemon you catch.
  4.  No Legendary Pokemon are to be caught or used.
  5. No usage of the Day Care Center.


The story begins with Jim, the protagonist, moving into his new home in the Hoenn region. He and his Mudkip named Bob go off on the journey of a lifetime to collect the eight badges from all across the region and compete in the Pokemon League. During Jim's adventure, he discovers that a force (alien to the dimension he resides in), only known as "Le Chaos Rouge", has placed a curse on him and his team for an unknown purpose. Now he must, not only defeat the League, but also survive in order to save his universe from being invaded by this La Chaos Rouge.

While the comic, for the most part is fairly light-hearted, the story does dwell in dramatic moments that sometimes dwindle from the "canon" Pokemon Emerald plot.


  • The comic is drawn in Adobe Flash CS5.
  • There is no set update schedule for the comic.
  • Every so often, the comic will release an animated episode that is also created in Adobe Flash CS5.
  • Occasional episodes feature fully colored panels. But Act III onwards, all panels are drawn in full color.
  • A Blaziken named "Singe" mostly replaces Steven's role in the comic.


The Crimson Virus can be viewed from three different hosting sites. It is available on Smack JeevesDeviantArt, and the Nuzlocke Forum.

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