The Burning Sky (in short, BS) is an Emerald Nuzlocke made by Neowth. It started on 


Rin Phoenix, the protagonist

August 30th, 2012. Even though there are 20 pages already, the story hasn't gone too far. The run is ongoing. 

The RulesEdit

This nuzlocke contains only two rules of the main rules:

  •  If a pokemon faints it is dead and boxed forever
  •  All caught pokemon must be nicknamed

There are also some custom rules:

  •  If the starter dies, it is a GAME OVER
  •  Only three living pokemon are allowed to be boxed (and one slave pokemon, one that can't be used in battles)
  •  One catch per route is allowed (if there is no room in the team or the box, your catch is canceled)
  •  Potions are allowed only in boss figths i.e VS gym leader. However, status healers, like lava cookies, are allowed whenever needed.


Unlike in most of the nuzlockes, in BS there's no human-trainer at all. The story follows a young Torchic who has been raised by human parents. He graduated from the trainer school and is ready to start his own League challenge in order to defeat the current champion, water-type master Wallace. The story ranks 10 years in the future from Ruby's and Sapphire's events. Seems like there was a big natural disaster back then. May died, but there is not information about the other hero, Brendan, at the moment.

It seems like there's some kind of law that makes it possible for pokemon to be their own trainer.


The heroesEdit

  • Rin Phoenix: 10-years-old (in pokemon age 16) male: A torchic who just started his journey as a trainer. He was raised by May's parents, Olivia and Norman, because his own dad died 10 years ago. Rin can speak English and also Japanese.
  • Riki: a male wingull and Rin's first teammate. Riki is Rin's childhood friend and current best friend. He has a short temper and actually knows more about being a trainer than Rin.
  • Molly:  a female ralts who Rin and Riki met on the way Petalburg city. She was left behind by her unknown brother. Molly and her brother were Norman's students back then and learned Japanese from him as well. Molly has terrible self-confidence now and tries to be useful to Rin all the time.
  • Gina: a female taillow. She is a thief and was hunted down by Rin at route 104. She was Rin's first real capture. For same reason she hates humans.
  • Seta III Von Balto: a male shroomish who Riki first met in Betalburg woods. He is very cocky Shroomish and thinks everything goes around him. Like all pokémon in Petalburg Woods, Von Balto is afraid of fire and sees Rin as a leader which is better to be loyal than annoying. 

Other charactersEdit

  • Olivia: May's mother and Rin's support. There are some hints that Olivia is the one who made it possible that pokemon have the right to be trainers. She's a berry grower.
  • Norman: Olivia's husband and Rin's father figure. Just like in the main series, he's Petalburg's gym leader. He's a big fan of Japanese culture and he seems to be worried about his 'son's' fate.
  • May: Olivia's and Norman's daughter. Her starter was Rin's real father and it was actually May who made a request to Olivia to raise a pokemon as a child. She died 10 years ago due to internal bleeding and general blood loss
  • Murray: a male mudkip. He's Rin's childhood friend and Rin's rival. He helps Professor Birch with his research.
  • Candy: Murray's human sister and Professor Birch's daughter. She wants to be a pokemon nurse some day.
  • Steven: He's an ex-pokemon champion. He gave up his title in order to make a new law that allows pokemon to become trainers. Nothing much is known about him.
  • Wallace: The current champion and the main 'villain'. Nothing much is known about him.
  • Officer Jenny: Just like in anime she has twelve clones. She may look and act like a jerk, but she is really good at her job, also known as arresting people.===


  • In BS world pokemon may or may not speak human language.
  • There are currently three known languages that characters may speak; English, Japanese and pokemon language.
  • There are different kinds of myths and legends that our heroes will face on their way to becoming the champion team.
  • Almost every NPC is 10 years older than in the official games


The Burning Sky is uploaded only on [Neowth's dA gallery].

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