The Ballad of Evelyn Hawkins
by Champagne-Petals (Marrow)
Began January 1, 2013
Status on hiatus
# Chapters/Updates 31 pages at last edit
Finished ---
Game information
Game Emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type fire
Comic description
Media digital
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre drama
Plot game-based complex
Pokemon all speak
Nuzlocke Forum
forum page

The Ballad of Evelyn Hawkins is a comic based on a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Everald. The comic documents the journey and trials of the young Evelyn Hawkins, who has recently moved from Castelia to Littleroot for her family's safety. It was started on the 1st of January, 2013 by Champagne-Petals (or Marrow, as they are known on the Nuzlocke Forums)

The RulesEdit

  1. If a Pokemon is defeated, it dies.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured. Exceptions include in-game trades, gift Pokemon, and shinies.
  3. Dupes clause is in effect and applies to the entire evolutionary line.


After her family became involved with some dangerous business in Castelia, Evelyn and her mother were relocated to Littleroot in the Hoenn region to keep out of harm's way. Evelyn quickly grew restless in the small town, and so her mother convinced her to travel the region so that she wouldn't be cooped up in the rural area.

Although the comic is a faithful documentation of a Nuzlocke run, its primary focus is character development, exposition, and interaction. The comic is known for its unique art style, featuring extremely thin characters and fanciful curly lineart.


  • .The Ballad of Evelyn Hawkins has been featured in the Nuzlocke Forum's weekly Featured Fan Runs.


The Ballad of Evelyn Hawkins is available on Champagne-Petals' deviantart and its respective thread on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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