That Comic About That One Kid: A Leafgreen Run of Sorts is a gijinka nuzlocke comic made by dejasquietplace following the human protagonist, Makoto Huynh, and his partner, Elli Bouchard the Charmander. The vaguely named comic began on April 13, 2014. It seems to have no particular updating system yet, but updates are expected to be spaced about by a month or two at a time.

The Rules Edit

  1. Only recruit one member per route; they must be the first encounter.
  2. When a team member faints, they are dead.
  3. Name all members.
  4. If the first encounter has already been recruited, the second encounter may be recruited instead.
  5. Only standard Pokeballs may be used, with the exception of the Master Ball.
  6. Team members may only be recruited if there is room on the team of six.

About Edit

The story begins with what seems to be a doctor's visit, discussing the future of a certain 14 year old boy named Makoto Huynh. He is told by Doctor Oak that he may be allowed to start his journey, but he must take prescription pills to assist him with some unknown ailment. He is partnered with a 17 year old Charmander gijinka named Elli Bouchard who is not as enthused as him to begin their journey. The two set off to challenge the league and earn whatever prize at the end of it all. But to do so, they must defeat eight gym leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion of the Kanto region. Will this sickly, optimistic boy and his no-nonsense partner make it all the way?

Major Characters Edit

Makoto Huynh Edit


The main protagonist of the comic. He's very optimistic, compassionate, and friendly, but seems a bit naive, easily stepped on, and frail. He's easily frightened and often looks to the much more physically and mentally anchored Elli for support. He is said to have had the best grades in trainer school and excels in tactical measures. He does not seem to want to tell anyone the reason for him taking the league challenge. Makoto is apparently afflicted by some illness that causes him to take nightly prescription pills and prevented him from journeying prior. His birthday is January 6th.

Elli Bouchard Edit


The secondary protagonist. He is a Charmander, very down-to-earth and strong, and notably taller and better built than his trainer. He has a harsh exterior but considers it "tough love" and is actually somewhat tenderhearted. He does not like to pry or get to know anyone, and considers those who are nosy very annoying. Originally born in Northern Sinnoh (equivalent to Canada), and has the accent to show it. His intentions for taking the league challenge are also unknown. He may get easily offended if the "beauty marks" on his face and body are insulted. Does not like Gary Oak. His birthday is May 2nd.

Gary Oak Edit


Makoto's childhood friend and rival, and the grandson of Doctor Samuel Oak. Upon first impression, he can be sort of a prick, but Makoto insists he's really nice when you get to know him. He's very overprotective of Makoto and is provoked easily. Short tempered but helpful when he's really needed. He does not like Elli and thinks Makoto deserves a better partner. The whereabouts of his parents are currently unknown. His partner is Belle Wolfe the Squirtle. His birthday is November 20th.

Belle Wolfe Edit


The partner of Gary Oak, and a Squirtle gijinka. She is grounded and docile, and very clever. She and Elli may have known each other at some point, and it is mentioned that the two battled for finals in partner school. In their first trainer-partner battle against each other, Elli left four long scratches on his face, perhaps permanently, but she did not seem fazed. She talks Gary out of doing stupid things, and is the voice of reason for her hot-tempered trainer. Her birthday is February 28th.

Available Edit




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