Tendo's Fire Red Nuzlocke is a Literature Nuzlocke of Fire Red, by TendoTheGamer. It can be found on Deviantart.

Tendo's Fire Red Nuzlocke
by TendoTheGamer
Began 4/28/2015
Status On Going
# Chapters/Updates Updates commonly, due to being a Literature Run
Finished N/A
Game information
Game Pokemon Fire Red
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media Literature
Coloring Literature
Protagonist PKMN Trainer Wesley
Story details
Genre Literature Nuzlocke Run
Plot Loosely Game
Pokemon Pokemon can talk
Nuzlocke Forum


Wesley just moved into Pallet Town.

Professor Oak decides to give Wesley a Pokemon, along with Gary Oak.

The last two Pokemon, since most of the others were given to other kids, earlier:

Were a Charmander named Lucas

And a Squirtle named Claus

They were brothers, related due to a Male Charizard and a Female Blastoise marrying.

Wesley chose Lucas, and Gary chose Claus.

Claus become evil, when being with Gary. He now goes by the name 'Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise', but Lucas is the only person/Pokemon still calling him Claus.

Main CharactersEdit


  • Wesley, a Pokemon Trainer who just moved to Kanto. His best friend is Lucas the Charizard. He plans to be the Pokemon Champion.
  • Gary, Wesley's Rival, who is dead set on killing all his Pokemon, for some reason. He has Claus the Blastoise. He never thinks of his Pokemon as friends, more as minions.

Wesley's PokemonEdit

  • Lucas, a Charizard that is Wesley's Starter. He has a Quirky Nature, and knows Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Dig, and Slash currently.
  • Spearfear, a Fearow formerly named Jeff, but changed his name. He has a Quirky Nature, somehow, but is a jerk to the entire team. He knows Fly, Pursuit, Drill Peck, and Fury Attack.
  • Amy, a Vileplume who wields a Sword. Her nature is Relaxed. The team knows she has feelings for Lucas, and the team knows Lucas feels the same back. Her moveset is Giga Drain, Cut, Acid, and Attract.
  • Digdug, a Dugtrio that has a Bold Nature. He's named after the classic game, Digdug. His moveset is DIg, Scratch, Sand Tomb, and Magnitude.
  • Lapis, a Lapras that just recently joined the team. It was in debate, her, a Horsea, and a Poliwag were the ones to be chosen from for a Water Type, due to back then, Roy the Vaporeon was killed. Her moveset is Ice Beam, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, and Perish Song.
  • Sabrina, a Kadabra who has the same name as a Gym Leader. She once rampaged the S.S. Anne, when a unknown Pokemon was controling her. (Mewtwo) She was one of Wesley's Main Pokemon, until a Hypno got a Critical Headbutt on her, KOing her.


This link leads to the Gallery of the Literature Nuzlocke on Deviantart.

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