Okay. This a variant of the nuzlocke challenge that I made. There are only a few rules. And it's pretty fun.

  1. You may not use fully evolved or unevolvable Pokemon.(ghost types excluded)
  2. You may not use natural items.(Berries,charcoal,miracle seed, herbal medicines, etc)
  3. You must Have one pokemon related to technology in your party before you reach the elite four.
  4. You must refuse help from others(PokeCenters, Nurses/Doctors, Day Cares) although you can except gifts.
  5. You must have a soda pop in your inventory at all times(as soon as you can get one.)
  6. You must throw away 3 items from your bag everytime you lose a battle(unless you count blackouts as a game over. In which case this rule would be redundant.
  7. Ghost types can be unevolvable or fully evolved due to the fact that they are counted as dead pokemon souls. And it is your responsibility to help them live their teenage years again. No matter what.

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