The cover of Ky-nim's Diamond Nuzlocke comic "Tales of Sinnoh"

Tales of Sinnoh is a Diamond comic run that follows a girl named Kynim as she starts her League Challenge in Sinnoh. The first page was uploaded on a site called TegakiE on 11th December 2010 and as of 28th April 2011 the comic has finished. A continuation/sequel of this run is called Myths of Unova.

The rulesEdit

  1. Pokemon that faints gets released/boxed an cannot be used again.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured.
  3. Duplicates (the whole evolution line) can't be caught as long as you have a pokemon in that evo line that is alive.
  4. Legendaries can't be caught
  5. Healing items are prohibited
  6. Mt Coronet (snowy outside and cave interior) count as two areas
  7. Pokemon catching rules are ignored if a shiny is encountered


Ky-nim's Diamond run is pretty interesting in that the comics were all drawn on TegakiE , a blogging site where entries, comments, icons, and more are all hand drawn/written in a very limited/small drawing canvas. Due to these limitations the comics are very condensed and often riddled with shorthand speeches that can be hard to read at times. Even if it is a largely comedic run, there are several dramatic moments that makes the overall comic enjoyable. The comic is largely black-and-white with occasional colored panels.


  • The Pokemon in the comic cannot communicate directly with humans. When they do express themselves their speech is in thought bubbles
  • Haisi, the rival character in the comic, is loosely based on Ky-nim's real life friend
  • One of the most memorable things from this comic is the way Ky-nim treats Team Galactic, dubbed "Team Gaga." This joke ultimately leads to the creation of Dialgaga, a Dialga created by Team Gaga Leader Cyrus that has the face of Lady Gaga.


The comic is available on deviantArt  TegakiE and in its Nuzlocke Forums thread . 

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