TFS Plays: Pokémon Moon NUZLOCKE is a Nuzlocke playthrough played by three members of the fandub producers Team Four Star as part of their TFS Gaming series. The members playing the game are Nick "Lanipator" Landis, Kirran "LordMoonstone", and Grant "Master Wuggles" Smith.

The Pokémon Moon NUZLOCKE is a continuation of the Pokémon LeafGreen and SoulSilver NUZLOCKEs, played by the same three players. The storyline revolves around "Larenti", a male player character whose name is derived from random syllables chosen by each of the players. Larenti just moved to Alola after his mother divorced TANTOR, the Player Character from the SoulSilver NUZLOCKE, who in this story is Larenti's father.

The players ad-lib a loose storyline around Larenti, his fictional family and friends, and the Pokémon they capture, beginning with their chosen starter, a male Rowlet they named "Sito". Larenti's personal quest is to find a place to sleep: Professor Kukui, Hau, Lillie, and everyone else are keeping him awake.

The NUZLOCKE is advertised as a "blind" playthrough, as it began on November 18, 2016, the day that Pokémon Sun and Moon were released. However, Grant is playing the game separately of this playthrough, though he keeps Lani and Kirran in the dark on certain points of the game.

Rules Edit

This playthrough uses the basic Nuzlocke rules:

  • If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead, and can never be used again.
    • In this NUZLOCKE, "dead" Pokémon will be "buried" in Box 8 of the PC, which is renamed "S.N.B.M" ("Shall Not Be Missed"). When the playthrough ends, any "dead" Pokémon will be sent away in Wonder Trade.
  • All caught Pokémon must be nicknamed to foster emotional attachment.

Custom rules in play:

  • You can only catch the first Pokémon you see in each area. If the first Pokémon you see faints, flees, or you flee from it, you do not get a second chance.
    • The Duplication Clause is in effect, with no limit on number of tries in an area.
  • On each island, the team will choose one Pokémon in their box to send away in a Wonder Trade. If the Pokémon they receive in Wonder Trade has their English default Pokémon name, then they can not be used since Traded Pokémon cannot be given new names. They do not get second chances on Wonder Trades.
  • As with the SoulSilver NUZLOCKE, the "Set" Battle Mode is in play. In Pokémon Battles, Larenti must wait for the opposing trainer to send their next Pokémon before choosing what to do. This differs from the default "Switch" Battle Mode, where the player can change Pokémon with knowledge of what the opposing trainer is about to send. TFS used "Switch" in the LeafGreen NUZLOCKE.
  • It is implied from the beginning of LeafGreen NUZLOCKE that if Larenti "blacks out", the game ends immediately.

Notes Edit

The early points of the game, including the chosen character, were determined by a Dungeons and Dragons dice roller app. They chose the third male character as the base design, based on a roll of 3 with an 8-sided die.

They chose Rowlet as their starter Pokémon based on a roll of 2 from a 10-sided die, instead of the traditional (but not mandatory) method of using the last digit of their Trainer ID to select the starter. If they had used their Trainer ID, their last digit of 5 would have led them to choose Litten instead.

List of episodes Edit

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