TCW HG Cover

TCW Heart gold Cover

TCW Heart Gold was created on January 14 2013 by Sarachan89. This Nuzlocke is a little bit different than usual: the main character works for Team Rocket.

Rules Edit

  1. Catch only one pokemon per area
    • Dupes Clause
    • Safari Zone Area is considered different area
    • Each area of caves, are considered different Areas
  2. Faint = Dead. Permabox
  3. Fossils, gift, shiny, etc. are totally free

About Edit

Takeaku is an Akutora (Demon Tiger) that lives in a world called Angelworld. One Day, as she was hunting in a forest, she found Archer.

He wanted her to join Team Rocket and kill all the Pokemon that belonged to the league members (Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champion). If she did that, all the league member would be forced to retire, so Team Rocket could rule on Johto without problems.

Takeaku refused to join, but Archer forced her by telling her that if she didn't join, he would have killed all the people of her village. Eventually, she accepted.

Archer gave her a Cyndaquil, Orion, that was inside a strange black Pokeball. He said that Pokeball could transform humans into Pokemon, and that Cyndaquil was a human that had popped out into Johto by a portal that Team Rocket created. Also, Orion wasn't the only one taken into Johto from Angelworld.

The day after that, Takeaku and Orion started their journey into the Pokemon world.

Characters Edit


  • Takeaku: The main character of the story. She a little bit cold, but she cares about the others. She's an Akutora (Demon tiger). That means she has feline instincts and she's carnivore. During the Journey she will hunt and eat some Pokemon
  • Archer: executive of the team Rocket. She forced Takeaku to join team rocket
  • Silver:  A 18 years old boy that hates Team Rocket. He won a battle against Takeaku.

Takeaku's PokemonEdit

  • Orion (Cyndaquil -> Quilava): He's a human turned into a Pokemon by Archer. he's blind and needs help to avoid obstacles during battle and outside battles. 
  • Kiro (Pidgey): He was a Human that popped out into Johto because of a portal. After he heard from Takeaku the story, he requested her to turn him into a Pokemon. He also offered to be a guide for Orion
  • Georgia (Geodude): A wild female Geodude found into the wild at Route 31 


  • Angelworld is a planet coming from a RP Forum created by Sarachan89.
  • In this comic, normal Pokemon can't talk like people do. 
  • The people that are turned from humans to Pokemon are OCs of some friends of the artist.
  • If a human is turned into a Pokemon, he will have different color and he will be able to speak, but he won't know how to use Pokemon moves, although he will still be able to learn them by training.
  • Like in the Fire Red, Kiro was the same species and the first pokemon to be caught.
  • This run is a remake, with more edits on the plot, of an abandoned HG comic made in 2012. The plot was similar, but with a few differences, including a pill instead of the Black Pokeball.


TCW Heart gold is available on DeviantArtSmack Jeeves and on the Forums

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