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TCW Fire Red cover page

TCW Fire Red comic was created on 24 march 2012 by Sarachan89, and it's still going. It's the first one of the three. The Comic follow the events of the game, but with major changes of it.

Rules Edit

1) Catch only one pokemon per area
- Doupe clause
- Route 2 north and South, the area of the Safari zone are considered different Areas
2) Faint = Dead. Permabox
3) Fossils, gift, shiny, ecc are illimited

About Edit

The story starts on a hidden Village in Kanto. Suddenly Mewtwo attacks the village and kills all the villagers except for Sara. She challenges her to an battle at Cerulean Cave. In order to do that she should challenge the Gym Leaders and the Elite 4. She accepted, so she started traveling around Kanto to capture Pokemon and Challenge the Gym leaders. But during the journey she will met Team Death.

Characters Edit

Warning: may contain spoilers

Sara: The Main character of the comic. She's an angel and the only survivor of the Village. She doesn't know much about Pokemon, but she's slowly learn about it. During the journey she also learns to become stronger. 

Tobias Charon: A lich and the leader of Team Death. He wanted to turn all the pokemon into un-dead for not let them die during battles. Later in the comic he will ally with Sara for fighting Mewtwo.

Elghinn: The Gym Leader of Viridian City. he's traveling around Kanto and sometimes help Sara during the Journey. He reveal his true identity later in the comic

Geddon: A boy that helped Sara to catch her starter. He has a Squirtle.

Tidbits Edit

  • The Gyms Leader, and the Elite 4 are Cameo of Sarachan89 friend's OC
  • The Charmander that Hiro gave to Sara was suppose to be the starter. Sarachan89 changed her mind because she realized that a Charmander wouldn't survive to an high level Mewtwo attack.
  • This comic, is probably the only comic that the MC found her starter on the wild
  • Some game mechanics are completely ignored on the comic.


TCW Fire Red is available on DeviantArt ,  on Smack Jeeves  and on the Forums

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