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TCW Emerald Cover

TCW Heart gold was created on November 23 2012 by Sarachan89. This comic has a lot of Gag, because of the main character

Rules Edit

  1. Catch only one pokemon per area
    • Dupes Clause
    • Safari Zone Area is considered different area
    • Each area of caves, are considered different Areas
  2. Faint = Dead. Permabox
  3. Fossils, gift, shiny, etc. are totally free

About Edit

Yami is a irresponsible girl, and because of that she was kicked out of the house and forced by her parents to become a pokemon trainer, so like that she would become a responsable girl.

Characters Edit


  • Yami: The main character of the story. An irresponsable girl that like to provocate others people.
  • Norman: Yami's father.
  • Geist:  He was sent by Yami's Father and Birch to travel with Yami to keepan eye on her.

Yami's PokemonEdit

  • Lio (Treecko -> Grovyle): He decided to stay with yami to become stronger. 
  • Daraco (Poochyena): He's yami first catch.
  • Saki (Wurmple -> Silcoon -> Beautifly): A female Beatifly. When she was caught, Yami thought that she was a male. Also Yami was hoping that she would evolve into a Cascoon, instead to a Silcoon.


  • Sarachan89, always choose fire starter, but this time she used a grass Type.
  • Even this comic it's full of gag, there will be sad, and serious moments.


TCW Emerald is available on DeviantArtSmack Jeeves and on the Forums

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