The Super Nuzlocke is a nuzlocke variant created in 4chan pokemon board. It was developed by a couple of suggestions by various anonymous users that wanted to create a nuzlocke variant impossible to abuse of grinding and items, without baning completly any 'pokemon gameplay' element


Most of nuzlocke variants makes a set of 'unatural' rules, taking away most of gameplay elements to make the player doesn't abuse items or grinding, the super nuzlocke rules were created to force the player to use every pokemon gameplay aspect with easy to remember rules but forcing it to avoid excessive use of items, grinding, or playing all the game with one or two high powered pokemon.


The basic rules include the first encounter rule ( duplicates are optional), faint = death rule, game over is when everyone dies and the game switching must be 'set'.

Pokecenter costs money Edit

To use any pokecenter you must pay for it, the cost is based on the hightest level pokemon on your party, the cost is it's level times 200$, this can be made by buying a number of pokeballs or paralyze heals in the same quantity of your hightest pokemon level in party and tossing them after. An aditional rule is each badge makes the cost of the pokecenter 10% more.

To avoid abuse of this rule, after a pokemon is boxed manualy by you, if it is cured in the process(hp, pp or status) you can withdrew it only after use a pokecenter, the same applies to daycare. This rule doesn't applies if you are swapping a pokemon by a dead one.

Level cap ruleEdit

No pokemon can be 10 levels highter than other pokemon in your team, dead pokemon counts, so if you lose a pokemon in battle you can mantain it in party to help the level caps dont going down until you have a better replacement. The minimum level cap is 5-15, this means, at the begining of the game you don't have to worry about have level 2 or 3 pokemon in party cause any pokemon level 5 or lower is treated as level 5 by this rule, making the limit being level 15. If you want to pass the level 15 you have to train at least 6 pokemon with a level highter than 5. Also any 'spare' slot in your team is treated as a level 5 pokemon, meaning you must have 6 pokemon after the begining of the game or else you level cap will be always 15.

In Black/White 2 this rule can be extended with a initial level cap of 10-20 because of the few areas avaiable at the begining of the game. Another alternative is count virbank complex outer and inner area as two different areas or/and giving 2 encounter in flocessy ranch, since the ranch has a wide selection of different pokemon species.

If a pokemon is out of the level cap (a level 30 pokemon while the lower level in your party is 19 for example) , you can mantain it in your party, but you can't use it).

Item rule Edit

No items can be used by you in-battle, making some items only usable for selling(x items), berries cannot be used never, even outside of battle they are forbidden. Items can be equiped freely like plates, type enchancing items etc. The only battle effect items banned are leftovers, black sludge and toxic orb + poison heal. This is for the player don't abuse recovery items without any cost instead of pay for a potion, poke center or use use life recovery moves (that costs pp). Tms in fifth generation are one-time use items.

About optional rules Edit

Gift, in-game trades, overworld pokemon, legendary and shiny pokemon are compeltly optional rules, normally they are meant to be treated as 'gifts' since they are are hard and limited to obtain. Every overworld pokemon can be caught without count as in-game area, this doesn't creep the balance cause it's necessary have some high leveled pokemon boxed for doesn't make a end-game with some deaths. Since legendary pokemon are limited and hard to catch, you can catch as many you can (but it's too risky since they costs too much money in pokeballs and can kill a partner) Also legendaries have horrible level growths and even story legendaries that can be caught before the pokemon league aren't that broken with super nuzlocke rules, so you can use them freely. A shiny pokemon can be considered "a gift from the gods" don't falling in the "first pokemon of the area rule". Althrough trade pokemon levels-up fast, the level cap hold them back a bit, but is not too easy to find the exactly pokemon required for a trade, so it doens't creep the balance.

This set of rules were made before X/Y arrival, a game that brings many "abusive" mecanics (aimie, exp share, and O-powers) But you can simply ban these mecanics and you still have the most balanced nuzlocke variant ever created.

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