Originally called: The Suicidal Nuzlocke

It is a Nuzlocke variant created by the You-tuber Chris from TheOdGamingProject. He also created the pokemon game modes EPO and Nuz-PO. It is designed for experienced players who want a much harder challenge than the Nuzlocke by restricting your healing.

Sui-Locke Rules Edit

1.      You can only capture the first valid pokemon you encounter in an area after you get pokeballs.

2.      When a pokemon faints it must be put in a graveyard box in the PC never to be used again.

3.      Duplicates Clause- You can only capture one of each type on pokemon.

4.      Each pokemon must have at least one non-attacking move once it can learn one.

5.      You must be on SET battle style.

6.      You can only go into pokemon centres once each to heal.

7.      You cannot use any healing points unless they are not optional or stop you from advancing in the game.

8.      You must use the last five pokemon you have captured in your party and your starter.

9.      If your starter pokemon dies you lose.

10.  You can only buy 7 items per pokemart.

11.  You cannot buy full restores, hyper potions, awakenings or ultra balls.

12.  You cannot use master balls.

13.  You can only go in each pokemart once. If the pokemart and pokemon centres are combined then you can only speak to the people at the counter once each.

14.  You starter pokemon is based of the last digit of your trainer id (if you do not have a trainer id use a random number generator). 0-3 grass type, 4-6 fire type, 7-9 water type. If there are others types or not these types then randomly select them before checking id number.

15.  You must have the same amount of pokemon as the gym leader during battles.

16.  You cannot flee from battle.

17.  You cannot use the daycare centre. 

18.  No legendaries.

19.  No event pokemon by the TOGP definition (pokemon that appear on your screen before you battle them or pokemon that you are given).

20.  When all of your party pokemon die then you lose.

21.  You must nickname all of your pokemon.

22.  No fast forward.

23.  No healing items in battle.

24.  You must do it in one go and when you fall asleep in real life you lose.

25.  You can catch shiny pokemon even if they don't normally qualify.

26.  You must sacrafice whatever pokemon that u dont see any use in a gym battle 

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