Stinkies Aronson is the co-protagonist of The Nuzlocke Duo series. Not much is yet known about her past, but she is a Nuzlocke trainer with plenty of booksmarts who also worked as Professor Rowan's lab assistant in the Sinnoh region. She met Dylan, her traveling companion, by chance. While studying Lake Valor with Professor Rowan, Dylan parachuted into a tree near them. He had a mysterious connection with Mesprit, the guardian of Lake Valor, which caused Professor Rowan to ask Stinkies to accompany him on his journey. A former Nuzlocke trainer who was traumatized by her prior experience, and a girl who struggles with depression and many confidence issues, Stinkies finds herself challenged personally on this adventure.


Stinkies is usually quiet and awkward in social settings. She has always been teased her whole life, and had a really odd and unstable family situation from the time she was a baby, creating many trust issues. She is not one to act on gut instinct, but look at situations from all angles before making her move. Stinkies considers herself patient, but when her buttons are pushed hard enough, she can react with a fiery disposition. She is incredibly empathetic and is someone who cares deeply for the people around her. Her passionate personality can sometimes be mistaken for anger or immaturity.

Always determined and strategic, Stinkies is a talented trainer but has a passion and deep love for families. She has always enjoyed breeding and raising families of Pokémon. Her own self-confidence issues hold her back from focusing on the things in life that bring her joy, but this is an issue that she is overcoming gradually. She is also able to cut loose sometimes, and has a very broad sense of humor.



Stinkies is said to be from the Hoenn region, where she was raised by an adoptive family. Her older adopted sister is Cynthia, champion of the Sinnoh region, while her younger adopted sister is named Alex. Stinkies felt mistreated by her family, who cared for her, but were extremely forceful on how she must live her life. They had things planned for her that she didn't want, because they feared she would turn out like her irresponsible birth parents. Stinkies was arranged to be in a marriage with a local boy where she grew up. She never had any human friends, being too shy and scared to interact with them.

Stinkies earned a chance to be an intern for Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh region. Her partner Pokémon here was Zuko the Chimchar, who helped her overcome her feelings of depression and loneliness. 

Shiny Diamond and Flawless PearlEdit

Details later.


Stinkies has owned a multitude of Pokémon on her adventures with Dylan.

Shiny Diamond and Flawless PearlEdit

Main teamEdit

Zuko the Chimchar ♂ was Stinkies's starter in the Sinnoh region, received from Professor Rowan to welcome her. Zuko has a fiery personality to match his trainer's, but he can sometimes go too far. Zuko was there for her when no one else was; when Stinkies had no human friends, Zuko helped her through tough mental struggles. The two have a close, inseparable bond and thus, he is very overprotective over her.
Rosa the Budew --> Roselia ♀ was the first Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region. Rosa has a very naive and fun-loving personality.
Brave the Buizel ♂ was the second Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region. Chirpy has a cocky personality, and can be somewhat vain.
Poppy the Pachirisu ♀ was the third Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region. Poppy is the girlfriend to Dylan's Pachirisu, Fidget. She also does not like Dylan, zapping him constantly. Poppy was left at the Solaceon Day Care alongside Fidget.
Midna the Misdreavus ♀ was the fourth Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region. Midna has a prankster personality and is very sneaky.
Monica the Hoothoot --> Noctowl ♀ was the fifth Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region.
Joy the Happiny ♀ was the sixth Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region. Joy hatched from an egg received as a gift for winning a Super Contest in Hearthome City.
Charley the Aipom ♂ was the seventh Pokémon Stinkies caught in the Sinnoh region.



Stinkies' reference sheet from Shiny Diamond Flawless Pearl


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