The Starterlocke is a ruleset created by the Spanish Youtuber "Folagor03" and it should be played with a ROM modified with a Pokémon Randomizer program.


The Starterlocke, as the name implies, focuses mostly on starter Pokémon, which with a randomized ROM they can appear as wild Pokémon. It can be played on any game that allows this modification.


This ruleset adds a few more rules to the wellknown nuzlocke that force you to use starter Pokémon in battle.


  1. The game must be randomized, otherwise it won't work.
  2. You can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each area.
    • The only exception to this rule is if you already caught the first Pokémon and it is alive (on team or PC), if that happens you can catch the second Pokémon on the route.
  3. You can catch any starter Pokémon that appears, even if it's not the first Pokémon you encounter. Starters are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Turtwig, Piplup, Chimchar, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Chespin, Froakie, Fennekin, Litten, Popplio and Rowlet (including their evolutions).
  4. If you encounter a Pokémon with the same type of any of your starters on your team, you can't catch it and you can't catch any other on that route. For example, if you have a Torchic on your team (Fire type) and you encounter another Fire-type Pokémon, you can't catch it. If Torchic evolves into Combusken (Fire and Fighting type), then you won't be able to catch any Fire or Fighting type Pokémon unless it's another starter.
  5. You can catch any Pokémon if you need a HM to progress in the game until one of your main Pokémon is able to learn it.


  1. Your Pokémon's level can't be above the next Gym leader's strongest Pokémon. Example: In Red/Blue, Brock's strongest Pokémon is Onix, which is at level 14 - that means your Pokémon's level can't be above 14 or it won't be allowed to battle.
  2. Starter Pokémon must be five levels above no-starter Pokémon. If you have a Bulbasaur and a Charmander at level 10, then a Pidgey must not be above level 5. If it gets to level 6, you must level every starter you have on your team until you have a difference of five levels again.

Pokémon Death

  1. If a Pokémon faints, it must be released or left in the PC (it can't be used again).
  2. The Starterlocke is over when every starter Pokémon dies. That means if you only have a Venusaur and a Pidgeot, when the Venusaur faints you lose the nuzlocke, even if Pidgeot is still alive.


  1. Every Pokémon must be nicknamed.
  2. You can't buy curative items (Potions, Antidotes, etc), only use what you find.
  3. You can't heal outside battle, except in the Pokémon Center. However, you can heal in battle.
    • Also if you have to, you can fight against a weak wild Pokémon to heal the others with a Potion, and then run.
    • Optional: You can decide whether to use antidotes outside battle when your Pokémon are poisoned.
  4. Rules #2 and #3 can be avoided when you're about to face the Elite Four and the Champion. However, you can't use Revives.
  5. Cheating is allowed only to get the three main starters at the beginning of the game (i.e: You can choose Bulbasaur and then get Squirtle and Charmander if you're playing the first gen games). Obviously, after that point it won't be allowed.

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