This Nuzlocke Variant was created by the poketuber Titos ( )


Of course you use the official Nuzlocke Rules but on top of that you use a couple of additional rules

1) You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore.

2) If one of your Pokemon faints, you must release* it... is dead.

(Permanently boxing a "dead" Pokemon is also acceptable for archival purposes; it still must never be used in-game after it faints)

3)You must Nickname All of your Pokemon

4) The game is split in different stages, it can go from 1 to 4 stages total dependin on the player´s preferences of difficulty. With each different stage representing different points in the game which will be determined by the amount of badges. (This can be chosen by the player, how many stages from 1 to 4 and how many badges for each stage. the less stages or more badges in one stage the more difficult is the game, so try to not make something impossible to play). 

And each stage represents the stage evolution of a pokémon, so you´re only allowed to use Pokémon that are on that same stage evolution, example:

Stage 1: Only Base Evolution Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pichu, etc.

Stage 2: Only Pokémon at their 1st evolution like Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Pikachu, etc.

Stage 3: Only Fully evolved Pokémon like Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Raichu, etc.

Stage 4: Pretty much the same as Stage 3 BUT ALLOWS the use of Mega Evolution (can only do stage 4 on recent games that have access to mega evolution in-game)

NOTE: Pokémons that dont evolve can be used in any stage. And Pokémons that only evolve once, their evolution can be used from stage 2 up to stage 4, since its a completed Pokémon. Only the first form can be used on stage 1.

5) You can only use certain Items that correspond to the stage you're at:

-Stage 1 (Pokeball,potions,repels) 

-Stage 2 (Greatball,Super Potions,Super Repels,Antidote,Parlyz Heal, and the other status healing items) 

-Stage 3 (Ultraball,Hyper Potions,Max Repels,Full Heals)

-Stage 4 (Masterball, Full Restore, Mega Stones)

NOTE: You MUST only use the items on the list above BUT you can still use various items like Ethers and battling items like Leftovers and such. We are only limiting the use of Health/Status healing items and Pokéballs to make it a thougher challenge. And Berries CANNOT be used BUT they can be held by Pokémon for battles.

6)You can't use any other type of pokeballs. (except when you're getting you're safari zone encounter)

7)You can't use any other healing items.

8)When you get the last badge of a stage and start the new stage you MUST have your current Pokémon evolve right after you beat the gym leader. Either right after the battle or by going outside and leveling up until they evolve before continuing the game, this following the stage rules of course.

NOTE: if by any chance a pokemon cant evolve because of missing a required evolution item or level must be way higuer, then you must box that pokemon and only use it when you can evolve it or when you see appropiate. Ex: Scraggy Evolves at lv39, if you only have 2 badges when you reach stage two and pokemons are around lv20, it will be better to box it and when on the game you see that you can easily reach level 39 you can train it and make it evolve so you can use it again.

9) Shiny Pokémon can be catched but you MUST only use them on the stage they correspond. Ex: Shiny Golbat when you are still on Stage 1 of the game, you can catch it but you must box it until you can use it on stage 2.

The idea of the locke is for the player to experience a complete different challenge by limiting what he can use during certain periods of time, and in each stage to have different item options and pokémon to use. Not to mention that battles can become a way bigger challenge if the player doesnt evolve his pokémon as early as the game requires since non fully evolved pokémon are weaker than fully evolved pokémon, even if its againt in-game trainers. Good luck!


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