Squadlocke logo

Squadlocke logo (Created by JesusMorales)

The Squadlocke is a ruleset created by user "JesusMorales"


  1. Throughout the entire run, you may only have three Pokemon in your party at a time. You may catch more than three Pokemon, but you can only have three in your party.
  2. Throughout the entire run, you may only catch 12 Pokémon, so only catch the Pokémon you will actually use (This does not mean second encounter in an area)
  3. You may switch out two Pokemon in your team for two other Pokemon in your PC after every gym battle, but otherwise, you can't.
  4. You must pick one of your Pokemon to be Team Captain, this Pokemon can never be substituted by a Pokemon in your PC unless it dies.
  5. Your Team Captain must always be in the first slot of your team.

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