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Sound of Silence is a FireRed Nuzlocke run by dA artist JadeCabbage. It is drawn mostly in black and white, with color used in boss battles and to accentuate certain elements of a panel, especially blood. There is no dialogue, and all words are provided by either an omniscient narrator or the far less omniscient protagonist.


  1. If it faints, it's dead.  Dead pokemon are to be boxed forever.
  2. Catch only the first Pokemon on each route.
  3. Dupes Clause is on: three chances to find a Pokemon on a route that is not a duplicate of one already caught. If all are duplicates, tough. Catch the dupe anyways.
  4. Shinies may be caught at any time and used.
  5. Play on SET mode.
  6. Nickname everything.


The protagonist, Red is a possibly-autistic eleven-year-old boy with a short attention span, slight misogynistic tendencies, and a Dragonite obsession. It's a pity that almost every member of his team is a girl, and none are dragons. He is given a Squirtle (not a Dratini) for his eleventh birthday. He begins his journey simply because it seemed like a good idea at the time (and to find a Dratini), but quickly finds that this whole 'Pokemon' thing is a little more complicated than it looks like on TV. Thankfully, Red is pretty good at pretending things aren't nearly as complicated as they are.

Inspired by children's books, Red's narration is simple, occasionally repetitive, and is far more a reflection of his own naive worldview than reality. He lacks knowledge and skills often taken for granted by most protagonists, and the world in general.


SoS is available on JadeCabbage dA gallery.

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