Snorlax is a member of the Nuzlocke forums. He is accredited for completing several "speed runs" of Nuzlocke Challenges. The best way to catch one is with a Heavy Ball. A status-inducing move is also recommended to help catch this elusive Pokemon; alternatively, you may be able to catch one when it asleep after using the move Rest.

His accomplishments include:

Fastest Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Sapphire Version

Fastest Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon FireRed Version

and Fastest (Complete) Run of Pokemon Gold Version

Most shiny pokemon found in one run,

Snorlax also had an interesting plot with his Pokemon Gold run, in which shit happens with Red.

Snorlax is currently doing his fifth nuzlocke run, which is Diamond Version. Previous runs include:

Fire Red (Failed) Not hosted on forums.

Sapphire (Complete) Screenshot run

FireRed (Complete) Screenshot run with a bit of a plot

Gold (Complete) Screenshot/Story

Diamond (In Progress) Comic

Team Rocket Edition (In Progress) Comic

The artwork is being done by the member "Nyonlite" Because Snorlax has no artistic talent of his own.

Nyonlite quit doing artwork for Snorlax. Now, the member "Whispersno" is doing the comic.

Snorlax started doing his own artwork for his Team Rocket Edition run.

Snorlax adores Hale, Robot, Nyachan, Nyonlite, and Robojuice's comics with a passion. And wishes he could be a part of them.

Snorlax also thought Yitfoo was a girl

Snorlax lied. People died.

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