Concept Edit

The concept behind the sleeperlocke is that fainted pokemon have to rest before they can battle again. Additionally, the other concept is that you cannot own more than 12 Pokemon at a time and the rest are simply kept with the professor till you want them and any Pokemon that gets replaced must be officially boxed.

Rules of the sleeperlocke Edit

  • Rule 1: Only the first Pokemon may be caught per route.
  • Rule 2. If a Pokémon faints it must rest in the PC until you beat the next gym.
  • Rule 3. If all useable pokemon faint before you defeat the next gym the Locke is lost.
  • Rule 4. Pokémon centers may only be used to heal non-fainted pokemon before the gym and all Pokémon immediately after the gym.
  • Rule 5. Pokémon may only be swapped out if they faint.
  • Rule 6. Pokémon that faint after defeating a gym leader must be swapped out, but they will be considered well-rested and not fainted.
  • Rule 7.No restrictions on Pokemon you may catch or use. You may implement your own rules for which Pokémon to catch.
  • Rule 8. Healing items may only be used in battle.
  • Rule 9: You may only have 12 active Pokemon at a time, For a Pokemon to be taken out of the PC not in your selected 12, you must release one of your active 12 or permabox them in another box.
  • Rule 10: The above rule 9 may only be used (As in the active 12 being swapped out) after beating a gym.

Creator of the Sleeperlocke Edit


Development of the Sleeperlocke Edit

Hot and Heavy with Flannery - (Pokemon Ruby Sleeperlocke Episode 11)31:51

Hot and Heavy with Flannery - (Pokemon Ruby Sleeperlocke Episode 11)

Pokemon Ruby Sleeperlocke episode 11 - Hot and Heavy with Flannery

Sleeperlocke was first thought up halfway through the let's play by LazyDragon to keep the let's play fun and the party diverse without losing members by fainting permanently but rather by limiting ones ability to heal and use the pc. It may very will be a difficult yet fun challange for anyone playing the game.

Note Edit

Until the player has caught a large number of pokemon, one may consider the sleeperlocke more difficult then a nuzlocke. If one so chooses, the sleeperlocke rules may be held off until the player has 12 pokemon. If this rule is implemented, the player must catch the any new pokemon encountered, so the rules are not implemented too late into the playthrough.

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