Sketchy Johto cover

Cover for second half of story, Plot NOT Pictures!

Sketchy Johto Nuzlocke
by Charlene P.
Began Oct. 24 2015
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates Updated every/every other week
Finished ongoing
Game information
Game Soul Silver
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media Digital comic
Coloring Black and white with several fully colored pages.
Protagonist Gold Elita
Story details
Genre Comedy/drama
Plot Gamebased with much original story
Pokemon All Pokémon can talk if trainer has poketech2000, which is mandatory.
Nuzlocke Forum

''Sketchy Johto Nuzlocke ' 'is a redraw of the authors first stickfigure Johto nuzlocke with many drawing and writing improvments from the first. It was first drawn on crappy notebook paper for only the author, but after she became more involved in the story she upgraded to a tablet and started to redraw her first comic digitaly and post it for others to see.



1)  Only catch first pokemon in area

2)  Dupes clause is on

3) If a pokemon faints it's dead

4) If all pokemon faint game over

5) No swear words\cussing. (Though cheasy blood and gore is okay.)


After Lyra's Marril and 'the incident' destroys Gold Elita's life he goes on a crazy journey to make amends, but only makes things worst in this comedy/drama nuzlocke comic! Along the way he'll have to face Team Rocket, a random dude called Waldo T. Stupid, the split personality Bugsy, and the age old question. Which peanut butter is better: Creamy or crunchy?

Can he save the world and Lugia from Team Rocket's clutches or will he collaspe under the force of his past mistakes?



Gold pic

Gold Elita

Gold Elita: Main ​​protagonist who may act a bit goofy at times however is very intelligent. After Lyra’s Marril tricks him into accidently killing all the gyms leaders Pokémon he is whisked away to a mental asylum and is deemed crazy for saying Pokémon can talk. When he finally gets out at 14 he goes on a journey to make amends with the gym leaders who have sense become overwhelmed with grief for their lost partners and get his family (mainly his father) back. He is trying to hunt down his rival and turn him into Elm at the professor’s requests. Also, he intends to become champion so hopefully his deadbeat father will love him again and he can protect the now venerable region from evil teams and threats. He’s terrified of Marrils after they destroyed his life and would probably drop dead in terror if he learned about Marrilland.

Whitney: After "The Incident" she became a emotionally unstable crybaby with a OP Miltank and Clefariy. Her dramatic life story was cut out on purpose, much to her frustration. :)



Falkner: His Dad was killed in 'the incident' and he has sense dedicated his life to making his dead father proud as well as destroying his unintentional killer Gold Elita. He tries to be honorable, but after countless defeats he concedes that honor is weak and power and ruthlessness will only help him accomplish his goals.

Mr. Falkners Dad: Falkner's Dad killed in 'the incident' on accident.


Waldo T. Stupid in rain.

Waldo T. Stupid (AKA Silver Sterling.) Gold's mysterious rival who's determined to destroy Team Rocket for ruining his life and hurting his younger sister. Everyone calls him Waldo and thinks he's a girl much to his dismay. He claims he’s nothing like his father and is good, but takes the blame for much of Hydro (his starters) evil deeds, giving him a bad reputation.  

Youngster Joey: A crazy stalker determined to tell everyone that his rattata is top percentage. No matter what.

Bill: A Kanto native, he's Elm's competition and also trying to be the region professor. In Kanto a faulty experiment turned him into a pokemon and when he was turned back he became a bit.....odd. He’s currently in the Johto Science league branch and is staying low as the region is unstable at the moment.


Bugsy and his sock puppet 'Mr. foo foo D. Bubblebottoms.

Bugsy: In 'the incident' he suffered brain damage and has a split personality. He has a sock puppet called 'Mr. Foo foo D. Bubblebottems' who he uses as an outlet for his insanity.

Morty: He was blinded in “The Incident” and is out seeking Ho-oh so he can regain his sight. His means of doing so has led to his longtime friendship with Eusine to be put under much strain.

Eusine: A mysterious cloaked man with a name impossible to pronounce.  


Eusine hiding picture of Suicune.

Pryce: Was injured in “The Incident” and had to start a corny game show called “The PRYCE is right.”

Jazmine: She’s become antisocial following “The Incident” and has locked herself in a tower, away from the pain of reality.


Elm's talk with Waldo.

Chuck: He buries his grief at losing his pokemon into exercise.

Elm: The region professor who's yearly assessment is coming up, and he'll do anything to pass no matter what!

Clair: She’s become unsympathetic after “The Incident” and prides herself in her evil OP Kingdra.

Norman: Golds beloved father who left his family after “The Incident” and went to Hoenn. His son is desperately trying to make Norman love him.

S and g

Gold introducing himself to Silver


Silver: A quilava and Gold's loyal starter who remains committed to his trainer even when it's clear Gold is hiding secrets from his team. He’s devastated over the dark path his former friend Hydro is taking and secretly wonders if he’s any better?

Wormy: Wormy with a weedle point tapped on his head.



Tail’s: Gold’s first catch, a cheerful pokemon rock star who’s used to pulling all-nighters.

Fern: An oddish who…smokes weedle. Taking drugs is bad so he suffered the consequences for it!

Sprout: A bellsprout Gold caught.

Random egg: A random egg given to Gold, it won’t hatch!

Hydro: An evil Totodile who's turned bitter due to not being chosen by Gold. He used to be cheerful and positive, but after the rejection and him feeling he wasn’t good enough he’s gone down a darker path. He pretends to be good in front of his trainer Waldo so he’ll get close to Gold, but behind Waldo’s back he could care less about him and only cares about revenge on Gold. He wants Gold to suffer as much as possible and slowly kills off Gold’s team one by one, and carefully doing it so that Waldo takes the blame every time while he is perceived as innocent.


Courage relaxing.

Friction: A seemingly crazy flaffy who for some reason has a deep hated for Clair.

Courage: A rattata who’s determined to beat the league and prove that rattata’s are strong and valuable. He hopes that when he achieves this his family living in the cramped conditions of Union Cave will be taken by loving trainers and cared for.


Tony cooking

Tony: A gentle Nidoran who was bullied by others of his kind for not fitting in and fighting. He wants to be the ultimate chef and serves as the team’s main food provider.

Pokey: A Slowpoke who’s always sleeping…no matter how vital the plot becomes!

Lithe and Snatch: A meowth Sneasel duo that robs trainers of their valuables to fund their mission of finding Snatche's missing red-haired trainer.

Johto Government setup and society  Edit

Government set up and structure of Johto region.

What it’s supposed to be:

The Johto region is a democracy, and the league functions as the government. Its members are voted in by the citizens of Johto to represent the will of the people. The members run campaigns to be voted into various categories based on their specialties. These categories are known as branches and some examples would be the Military branch, Forensic Branch, Science Branch… exc.!

Science Branch

One of the most vital branches is the Science branch. The region professor is the very best in the science branch, and works with the most powerful league members in Johto. The Region professor is initially voted in by the people as a regular scientist, but if they show true genius and potential the higher ups in the league can choose to promote them to region professor!

The professor is charged with coming up with new advances in their field. It’s important for the region to have the best, most advanced technology and weaponry in case war ensues (as with all nations.)  Thus, if professor isn’t coming up with sufficient new findings they must be replaced with someone who can, causing much rivalry within the field. A yearly assessment is placed on the professor every few years so that the other league members can see if they are coming up with sufficient discoveries!

Military Branch

The military branch acts as the main fighting force for Johto and consists of the Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champion, and army.

How to be in it.

If your grades are high enough (or have the money if you’re out of school) when you are at least 10 you may drop out of school and go on a journey to challenge the gyms and earn all 8 badges. The gyms are tough and it often takes many years to earn all the badges. Someone who starts at age 10 may not complete their journey until they’re in their 20’s! Despite the time and effort needed, for many trainers the glory and honor that comes with beating the gyms is enough. After earning all 8 badges the trainer is automatically accepted into the army and fights for the region when called open. For most trainers this is enough, but a few who want to be the VERY best can decide to go even further and challenge the elite 4!

Elite 4

The elite 4 are the best of the best and train as apprentices under the champion, as one of them will take the champions place when he retires, or worse. They often serve as ambassadors and try to keep the peace between Johto and other regions. They are occupied with foreign affairs, leaving the Gym Leaders to take care of petty region troubles like Team Rocket.  They constantly hone their skills with the champion and only involve themselves with region affairs when a trainer wishes to challenge them.


The champion is the military leader and is charged with defending the region from international enemy region attacks  and trains the elite 4 to do so as well. After the champion retires (or worst) the elite 4 battle it out with their newly learned skills and the one who emerges as the victor.

Gym Leaders

The Gym Leaders  initially are people who have earned all 8 badges and are regular army members, called upon to fight when needed. They however are picked out and chosen by higher ups in the league to become Gym Leaders. Their job is to test trainers skills, and keep an eye on the town they’ve been positioned in. The Gym Leaders are the most consulted when it comes to the league decisions, as they are the best fighters, spend time in local towns, and investigative any suspicious activity. They know what needs done and fixed in Johto more than anyone because they are often in the center of the problem!

Relationship with Kanto

Johto is a relatively peaceful region, and is close allies with Kanto and aid the other when need be. It’s easy to go back and forth between the 2 regions, so guys like Bill who are Kanto natives can become a citizen of Johto and even become a major part in their government! Being side by side the two regions share many cultural and religeous believes. 

How it is AFTER the incident

After Gold unintentionally causes “The Incident” and accidently kills the gym leaders Pokémon the region becomes severely crippled. Without the Gym leaders strong Pokémon the region can’t fight off intruders and doesn’t have the strength to uproot and destroy threats like Neo Team Rocket.

Also, having to start from scratch the Gym Leaders find it hard to properly test a trainer’s skill. Now trainers can only catch he first pokemon they encounter per route, in hopes that it will slow their progress down and give the Gym Leaders more time to train their own. Sadly losing their beloved pokemon partners has sent most of the Leaders into a grief-stricken depression and many have flat-out gone crazy!

Replacing the Gym Leaders isn’t an option, as Johto is close allies with Kanto and made an agreement to aid them in times of war. Kanto is at it again fighting Kalos and all capable Johto army members are fighting on the front lines, unable to be Gym Leaders. Kanto has stepped in and offered help to Johto to make up for this, but the region is still painfully weak. The Elite 4 are busy dealing with other hostile regions at the moment, so they can’t help either.


Silver Sterling (aka Waldo's) birthday is on September 21- the day the book Where's Waldo was first published. Characters mistaking Waldo for a girl is a reference to the author herself thinking he was a girl when she first played Crystal and characters getting Waldo’s name wrong is a reference to how in real life people always get the authors name wrong.

This is a redraw of the authors first run. The original was drawn as stick figures traditionally and was more humor based rather than drama driven.  

The author also has a completed Hoenn nuzlocke comic she'll redraw once the Johto one is complete.​​​


Hydro killing a fly and holding 'how 2 be evil 4 dummies'book behind Waldo's back.

​The author used Krita (a free drawing software) for the first several pages, not being a comic software the program was very limiting. After the author got Manga Studio the texting and shading became drastically better as seen in the final part of the Elm Tucker storyline (pgs. 30-31.)

The characters often reference other nuzlockes such as Ky-nim and Kitfox Crimson. For example, during Whitney’s battle she


Bugsy (who's crazy)

mocks Gold for ‘not reading enough Johto nuzlockes’ to prepare him for the fight and Gold hotly shouts ‘but Myths of Unova’s all I’ve had time for!

Tails name is a reference to the Sonic character.

Wormy is based off Wormy from SpongeBob.

After literally falling out of the comic, Gym Leader Whitney has been floating in limbo outside of the comic pages, often expressing her desire to get back in and adding her own comments about the situations going on.


The comic is avalible on Devianart:

Deviantart link

As well as the Nuzlocke forums:

The author also has a youtube account where she post's funny animations of the characters:

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