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A stand-alone comic illustrated/written by RTJGSketch. The comic follows the journey of a young man by the name of Sketch, accompanied by his Chikorita, Figs, and his ambitions of becoming a Pokemon Master!

...At least, that's what we think he's doing. Sketch never actually stated his goal.

The comic was initiated on March 17, 2013, and is updated semi-frequently.

Sketch's Quest!
by RTJGSketch
Began March 17, 2013
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 4 Pages
Finished No
Game information
Game Pokemon Crystal
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Occasionally Coloured
Protagonist Original Design
Story details
Genre Humour
Plot Primarily Game-Based
Pokemon Communicable with Humans
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The Rules:Edit

  1. Catch the first pokemon you see on each route/area.
  2. Any fainted pokemon are considered dead and must be released.
  3. Nickname ALL catches.
  4. Dupes Clause


RTJGSketch initialized the run as a non-documented livestream Nuzlocke; only meant to be played during his free time, and only on livestreams. While he keeps to playing it only via livestreams, he began liking the characters and concepts too much to not turn it into a comic run. He has stated the comic as a means to keep people entertained while they are waiting for his LeafGreen run to update.

Meant to be a more comedic run, it focuses less on plot and has tried to keep a fairly humourous tone about it; the humour can range from the standard verbal joke/pun, and can extent to slapstick humour.

The comics remain uncoloured, albeit all extra art, such as the Cover Page, are done in full colour. The art style is drastically different from his LeafGreen run, appearing reminiscent to the stylings of Pendleton Ward's "Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors" cartoons; shows that RTJGSketch enjoys rather immensely.


Main Team:Edit

  • Sketch: Sketch is a young man in his later teenage years who resides in Newbark Town. He appears to be a rather lazy character, but has shown himself to be atleast somewhat ambitious. Sketch has chosen to take on the Johto Pokemon League, although his reasons for doing so are currently unknown.
  • Figs: A young Chikorita with stars in her eyes and goodness in her heart, Figs is Sketch's loyal starter. Although she seems to carry nothing but admiration for her trainer, he doesn't seem to share the same amount of respect.
  • Browkli: A bearded, aged hoothoot: supposedly the last member of an ancient clan of Master Samurai Hoothoot. He is very keen on upholding and demonstrating his honour as a skilled fighter, and speaks with a rather obvious Japanese accent.

Other Characters:Edit

  • Professor Elm: A professor residing in Newbark Town. Elm is a rather excitable fellow, but seems to hold little tolerance towards those who waste his time. He was the previous owner of Figs.
  • Ali: A young woman in her later teenage years who resides in Newbark Town alongside Sketch, wherein she is both his roommate and girlfriend. She has quite the playful personality, but can be fairly blunt about her feelings towards people she dislikes. She owns a Cyndaquil, whom she hates vehemently.
  • Malo: Ali's Cyndaquil. He heavily dislikes his trainer, and is openly rude to her, even around company. He has been shoved into an active tumble dryer at least twice.
  • Dixon/Dikbutt: Sketch's 'rival'. He appears to be a ginger male around the age of 13, and is shown to be rather arrogant and confrontational. Sketch has yet to take him seriously, and refuses to call him by his real name, instead nicknaming him Dikbutt. He owns an unnamed Cyndaquil.


  • Many catches are named after suggestions of the livestream viewers.
  • RTJGSketch has stated his issues with Generation 2 PC mechanics. Said issues are the reason dead Pokemon must be released as opposed to boxed.
  • Figs' original name was meant to be something much more vulgar, due to RTJGSketch's dislike of Chikorita. Ultimately, he decided upon Figs because of how fig leaves are most famous for the censoring of genitalia in various art forms. He thought it was clever.
  • The Main Character, Sketch, is a pseudo self-insert of the artist.
  • Dikbutt's name is spelled as it is because there were too few character slots to include a 'C'.
    • RTJGSketch heavily regrets nicknaming the rival 'Dikbutt'.
  • The original topic description of the comic was "A Tale of a Boy and his Bean Sprout". This was changed due to similarities of Yamikaisu's SoulSilver tagline: "The Story of a Girl and her Oddish". It was changed because he didn't want to copy anyone.
  • Most characters are drawn in their original Generation 2 outfits, as opposed to their HeartGold/SoulSilver redesigns. The only exceptions are any characters who are not part of the actual game.


The run is available to read on deviantART and the Nuzlocke Forums.

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