Shiny Diamond and Flawless Pearl is the first arc in the adventures of The Nuzlocke Duo, featuring the introduction of protagonists Dylan Johnson and Stinkies Aronson.

Dylan Johnson, a wandering Nuzlocke trainer on a personal mission, parachutes into the Sinnoh region. He crashes into a tree and right in to the life of Stinkies Aronson, an assistant working for Professor Rowan. Booksmart Stinkies is assigned to watch over Dylan by the professor after the boy has a strange encounter with the lake guardian, Mesprit. A former trainer herself, Stinkies faces her tragic past as she journeys with Dylan and reignites her passion for Nuzlocke training, while Dylan faces his own personal demons as they encounter strange enemies--both new and familiar.


Due to computer problems, the first few pages of the story are drawn in comic format but the remainder will be written as a story.



Chapter 1: You Fell Into My Life (comic) can be read here.
Chapter 2: A New Beginning (comic) can be read here.
Chapter 3: When The Clowns Come Marching In (comic) can be read here.
Chapter 4: Here Comes the Boom! (comic) can be read here.
Chapter 5: The Worst Free Breakfast Buffet (prose) can be read here.
Chapter 6: I Am Not a Torchic!! (prose) can be read here.
Chapter 7: Pain is Relative (prose) can be read here.
Chapter 8: Friends (and Dylan) Are Punching Bags (prose) can be read here.


  • Many of the NPC teams have been changed, or characters have been replaced overall, just for the sake of the comic's story. They do not reflect our runs being hacked or anything, we just decided to take some creative liberties.

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