Shikaze s diamond nuzlocke challenge cover by shikasoge-d5ub7bj

The cover

Shikaze's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge is a Pokemon Diamond run made by Shikasoge. It's (obviously) set in the Sinnoh region.

The plot basically follows Pokemon Diamond Version's plot, but with some reference of the Legend of Zelda saga (Shikaze, the main character, has the Triforce of Will)

The RulesEdit

  1. If a pokemon faints, it's dead
  2. able to catch only first pokemon per route
    2a) if a duplicate comes, you get 3 more chances
  3. you can't buy repels, but you can use the ones you find lying on the ground
  4. nickname all the pokemon
  5. safari zone count as 6 zones
  6. no legendary Pokemon


Shikaze used to live alone in Sinnoh when his rival, Sbrillo, challenged him to reach the Lake of Mesprit, the place where he'll find his first pokemon, Woody, a shy Turtwig. In his adventure Shikaze will fight all the gym leaders and the league, also beating the evil Galaxy Team, that want to conquer the Sinnoh region.

Shikaze, also called Shika, is a 17 year old guy with a lax nature. He loves Bug types and busty women, that's the reason why he fell in love with Lucinda, his sexy neighbor with godly titties.


It's currently ongoing, read it here!

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