This Nuzlocke variant was created by the YouTuber ShadyPenguinn to create a new and interactive challenge for his channel.

Shady Tokens

ShadyPenguinn implemented a token system that limited use of the Pokemon Centers during the game. Healing by speaking to Nurse Joy comes at the cost of one token. The game begins with three tokens with a cap at 10 tokens total. Ways to obtain more tokens are listed below. Tokens only apply to Pokemon Centers and other ways to heal freely are explained in the rules below.


1. Every Pokemon must be nicknamed after a shady person.
2. Only the first Pokemon encountered per area may be caught.
3. If a Pokemon faints, it must be boxed forever.
4. Nurse Joy may only be spoke to at the cost of a token. Regular healing items may be used, and any "full healing" situations such as beds may only be used ONCE.
5. The game must be randomized if possible.
6. After defeating a gym leader, receive one shady token.
7. When the game starts the player starts with 3 tokens.


Nuzlocke rules do not apply until the player receives Pokeballs for the first time. This means healing may be done freely until they are obtained.