Secret of the Aura
by CyMoahk
Media literature
Began 9/1/2011
Status on hiatus
# Chapters/Updates 40 chapters
Game information
Game SoulSilver
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Fire
Story details
Plot game-based simple
Pokemon protag understands
Nuzlocke Forum

Secret of the Aura (abbreviated SotA) is a SoulSilver storylocke created by CyMoahk. Originally published on deviantArt, it currently consists of 40 chapters used to update on a mostly-weekly schedule, the first one uploaded on January 9th, 2011, and the most recent one September 9th, 2012. The story follows the main character AuPyre as he explores Johto, often interacting with both his crush Lyra and his rival Trye.

At the current point in the story, AuPyre is taking the (pre-Elite-Four) Johto League. CyMoahk has a planned sequel (Full Circle) that takes AuPyre, Lyra, and Trye through Unova - the game is completely played, though the story will not be written until (if) SotA is completed.


  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be permaboxed
  2. You can only attempt to catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area
  3. No trading, in- or out-of-game
  4. No in-battle healing




Main TeamEdit

(as of ch40)

AuPyre (m) - Pokemon trainer and MC, very much based on the game's protagonist, he's somewhat of a self-insert for CyMoahk

  • Corr (m) Typhlosion - originally a lazy but friendly Cyndaquil, he's become a strong team leader since evolving
  • Luna (f) Noctowl
  • Torger (m) Beedrill
  • Mary (f) Ampharos
  • Pandra (f) Shiny Gyarados
  • Clara (f) Mamoswine

Past Team MembersEdit

  • Albion (m) Geodude
  • Betty (f) Crobat
  • Lucy (f) Togetic - deceased
  • Tad (m) Wooper - deceased
  • Verdea (f) Oddish - deceased

Supporting CharactersEdit

Lyra (f) - Pokemon researcher

Trye (m) - Pokemon trainer, sometime-theif, and son of Giovanni of Team Rocket infamy

Other CharactersEdit

Professor Elm


Celebi, Suicune, & other legendary Pokemon


  • Hints at an Unova sequel are dropped several times throughout SotA - for example, AuPyre is originally from Lacunosa Town, and ancient scrolls from the Ruins of Alpha match ancient text found in the undersea ruins east on Undella Town.
  • Several cameos have appeared in the Johto League section of SotA: the unnamed MC of Operation Nuzlocke, Rye from Reign of Raikou, and the Sinnoh-League-beating Lucas from Chaos Diamond.


SotA is available in its currently complete for on CyMoahk's dA gallery; around half of the chapters are also viewable on the Nuzlocke forums.

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