The Scavengelocke is a challenge which gets the player to make the most of what they've got. It focuses around found items and primarily herbal medicine as a source of healing (potions found are allowed, so too are berries). It also revolves around not using HMs for convenience and only applying them when absolutely necessary.


1. Standard Nuzlocke Rules apply.

2. Dupe Clause is allowed to add originality.

3. No moves can be gained through levelling up, you are only allowed to teach a pokemon TMs and HMs.

4. TMs can only be used once, make them count. Frustration and Return are forbidden.

5. HMs can only be used if absolutely necessary (convenience HMs such as Fly are subsequently disallowed).

6. You are not allowed to buy potions from a PokeMart, you are only allowed to use found potions or gifted potions.

7. Healing via PokeCenter is allowed up until herbal medicine is readily available, you can only heal once per visit to the area and once you can acquire herbal medicine you cannot use them at all.

8. The only healing allowed is through use of herbal medicine and found berries.

9.You and your starter are partners, if one goes down, so does the other. (You lose if your starter dies).

10. Pokeballs cannot be purchased, only found (2 regular balls are allowed at the beginning).

11. There can be no recovery moves in battle.

12. Held items are forbidden except for berries.

13. No Ubers or Legendary Pokémon allowed (check Smogon if unsure).

Winning ConditionsEdit

1. At least one Pokémon is alive, drawing with the champion via explosion, destiny bond e.t.c is counted as a loss.

2. Your starter is alive.

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