Scarlett's Run Nuzlocke Cover Page.

Scarlett's Run: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke is a work-in-progress fan comic by Sophie-Lou/ScarlettPeony. The first issue was posted in sophie-lou deviantArt on 13th November 2012. It was later posted on the Nuzlocke Forums in February 2013.


  1. You may only catch the first Pokemon encountered on a new route. Additional rules include no duplicate Pokemon or members of the same evolutionary family allowed, and no second chances if the Pokemon faints.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead. Dead Pokemon are boxed permanently. A Mercy Rule exists that a Pokemon may be revived only once using any Revive items found on the ground, if the Revive is in the bag when the Pokemon faints.
  3. Items restrictions are in place. Healing items may not be bought from Pokemon Centres, nor may healing items be held during battle (e.g. berries). Found items and gift items may be used.
  4. Reshiram is the only legendary that may be used. All other people classified as a 'legendary' Pokemon are banned.
  5. All battles must be set.
  6. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.


The comic focuses on the journey of Scarlett, a seventeen-year-old beginning her life as a trainer with her starter Zoe, a female Snivy. While there are some moments of humour, the comic is chiefly concerned with plot rather than straight-forward comedy.

Although only in its early stages the foreshadowing of a terrible secret hidden in Lostlorn Forest indicate the that comic will deviate slightly from the storyline in the games.



§  Scarlett Stone: The seventeen-year-old protagonist of the comic who possesses the ability to speak to and communicate with Pokemon. She is the daughter of the former-Hoenn-Champions-now-turned-researchers Steven Stone and Sapphire May, which inspires her to go out and make her own mark. She appears to be a good-natured girl who at times can be reckless in her choices. Scarlett's ability to speak to Pokemon is something of an oddity to the people around her, including the Pokemon.

§  Hilbert Gray: An eighteen-year-old boy who first appears in Lostlorn Forest after losing his way with his Dewott named Ariel and finding part of a human finger bone in the river. Little is known about him other than he has two younger siblings called Nate and Rosa, and his mother's name is Lyra. It is uncertain what role he will play in the comic.

§  Cheren Mori: Scarlett's highly intelligent but extremely cautious friend. He started his journey on the same day as Scarlett. He is very cultured, convincing Scarlett to see the lecture made by Dr. Gropius in Accumela Town. He clearly admires Scarlett's ability to bond with Pokemon (It is suggested he might have romantic feelings for her too), and might even envy her. He is Elite Four Shauntal's younger brother.

§  Bianca Dubois: Scarlett's other friend. She was originally from Virbank City but moved to Nuvema when she was eight-years-old. With the help of Scarlett and Zoe, Bianca runs away from home to travel with Scarlett and Cheren as trainers against her father's wishes. While Scarlett and Cheren have always been exposed to Pokemon training, Bianca's family have never been trainers. She appears to be a very delicate and sweet young woman.

§  "N": A Pokemon Trainer who first sees Scarlett during Dr. Gropius's lecture about Pokeballs in Accumela Town. It is unclear at this stage what his views or intentions are.

§  Dr. Ghetsis Gropius: A colleague of Professor Juniper and leading authority on Pokemon technology and scientific advancement. He is first seen lecturing in Accumela Town, where he presents his opinions on the ethics of Pokeballs.

§  Professor Aurea Juniper: The head of Pokemon studies at the University of Castelia, she has assigned Scarlett, Cheren and Bianca to aid her in her research by completing Pokedexes. She is the daughter of Dr. Cedric Juniper, a Pokemon field researcher.

§  Sapphire Stone nee May: Scarlett's mother and the former Hoenn Champion. She retired from the Pokemon League after Scarlett was born and moved to Unova a year later. She lives in the large family home with hers and her husband's Pokemon. She appears to be an independant researcher, as she mentions planning a trip to the Relic Castle with Steven soon.

§  Steven Stone: Scarlett's father and son the Devon Company President, Mr. Stone. He appears to be working abroad currently.

 Scarlett's Pokemon (Current)

  • Zoe: A young female Snivy who Scarlett choses as her starter Pokemon at the beginning of her journey. She has a Gentle nature, tending more towards genteel than passive, and is "Quick tempered." Taking a liking to Scarlett straight away, she immediately threw herself into training and even used her Vine Whip to help Bianca run away from home. She has a strong-willed and slightly haughty personality as well as being somewhat mysterious in her origins, which are hinted to be royal. She has special markings on her tail called the Three Diamonds of Ophedia.
  • Holly: A Lillipup who is Scarlett's first captured Pokemon. She already knew Scarlett from before from having played with her as a child and has always promised to join her on her Pokemon journey when the time came. She has a Sassy personality and she "Hates to lose". When she first appears she is quite outspoken towards Zoe but the two very quickly become friendly and Holly even reassures Zoe about Scarlett as a trainer. She can also be insecure as shown when she is brought to tears by Dr. Gropius's lecture.

Other Pokemon

  • Ariel: A female Dewott owned by Hilbert. She has a Timid personality and is "Often lost in thought." She appears a quiet little Pokemon who is hyper senstive to danger. However she is shown as willing to fight when actually confronted with danger.
  • Pyrrhus: A male Tepig owned by Cheren. He has a Brave nature. Very little is known about him at this point other than that he seems to get on well with the other starters. When he teased Zoe in Issue #2, she appeared to blush.
  • Ozzie: A male Oshawott owned by Bianca. He has an Impish nature. Much like Pyrrhus little is own about him other than a few appearances. When Bianca's father refused to allow her to go on a Pokemon journey, Ozzie looked very upset, indicating he enjoys the prospect of travelling.
  • Mel: A female Blaziken owned by Sapphire Stone. She has an Impish nature and is "Impetuous and silly." She appears to have a strong relationship with Scarlett but also despairs at how reckless she can be. When Scarlett ruins her bedroom by having a Pokemon battle inside, Mel is so furious that she blows out the window with her Flamethrower attack. Nonetheless she is a very handy Pokemon as she aids the rest of the team and Sapphire in making a new window.


  • The team used by Scarlett's mother, Sapphire, is based on two Nuzlocke teams from a Pokemon Sapphire playthrough and Pokemon Pearl playthrough. Mel (Blaziken), Lizzie (Milotic), Lady (Gardevoir) and Ophelia (Alatria) were from Pokemon Sapphire, and Briar-Rose (Roserade) and Skade (Froslass) from Pokemon Pearl.
  • Pyrrhus and Ozzie, Cheren and Bianca's starters respectfully, were named after non-Nuzlocke starters used by the author.
  • The original playthrough began August 2013 and was completed in November 2013.


it can be found on its deviantArt gallery or it's Forum thread

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